As October nearly comes to an end, the weather here in London just gets colder and colder everyday. Waking up in the morning makes it sooo hard that I always wish I could curl up under my cotton-soft comforter a little bit longer. But that has never been the case even on weekends since I’m making the most out of my stay here in London. Now who keeps me warm every single day???

Who else but my Cadbury Hot Chocolate! Hehehe! One of my fave chocolate brands is Cadbury. Their Cadbury Milk Chocolate is my ulitmate love. Give me a bar and for sure you’ve made my day! 🙂 Oh, in fact a bar would never be enough! Hehehe! I can even munch on the family pack all for my selfish self. LOL! I’m that addicted to Cadbury! 🙂

cadbury hot chocolate

Now, just imagine how happy I was to see in the grocery here in London that Cadbury has a chocolate drink! 🙂 Okay, I’m not so sure if there is actually a Cadbury Hot Chocolate back in Manila. I never go grocery shopping. Never ever! I only go to the grocery when I urgently need something. I’m not the type who goes around the grocery and put loads of stuff inside the cart. Hehehe!  All our groceries are done by our helper. Hehehe! Here in London, it’s different. I go to the grocery every week to buy the things that I need. But is it really like that, the more you go around, the more you put something inside the cart??? LOL! Geeesh! Well, at least this is how I saw my loves that could keep me warm every single day. 🙂

I love hot chocolates and I love sweets. 🙂 No need to add sugar to this Cadbury Hot Chocolate. It has the right sweetness in it already. It may not be like the Spanish Hot Chocolate I always crave for, but this instant chocolate drink definitely satisfies my sweet tooth. It’s my only way to keep me awake. Ooooh… Maybe this is the reason why I’m getting fat! Hehehe! 🙂