Well, there’s not really much to share. As I’ve said here, when I arrived in La Union last Friday morning, there was just like a big swimming pool out there. No waves at all! How the heck could we surf?! 🙁 We ended up going to Baguio in the afternoon just to take pictures and to eat dinner at my fave, Café by the Ruins. I will share them here soon. 🙂

Saturday morning came and still waves are nowhere to be found. It was fun though, as we played at the beach (the treasure hunting experience… hehehe), swam, and took photos. After lunch, we then lounged at Surfcamp. Hmmm… that’s what I call chillaxing, which I sooo love to do! 🙂 You simply sit down in front of the beach, hearing the sound of the water gushing, while you read a book, until you fall asleep. Hehehe! 🙂 In my case though, I wasn’t able to read the book that I brought. Instead, it’s when I had the luxury of time to create a twitter account. LOL! I actually had fun reading the tweets of people. And so it’s true, twitter can be addicting… LOL! 🙂

Anyways, back to my surfing experience, 4pm came and at last there were baby waves! 🙂 We headed to the part of the beach where baby waves were beginning to form. I had a few rides with the long board, but best of all, I tried to stand up on Flaircandy’s short board!!! 🙂 I was successful and that ultimately made my day! 🙂 I can even call it a day after that ride! Love it! 🙂

We finished off our day with a dinner at the ever famous Midway Grill. It was just too bad that they ran out of baby back ribs and desserts that night! Well, I wasn’t too disappointed since my ride with Flaircandy’s short board gave me a really good mood that night. 🙂 Oh, and before I forget, I ate balut that night! Hahaha! I missed that! 🙂

Yesterday, Sunday, before officially calling the vacation over, we swam at the beach in the morning and tried the bodyboard. It was fun, but I just had a hard time balancing. Hehehe! I’d rather stand up on a surfboard than lie down on a bodyboard. Oh, and that’s not it! We were also able to eat the baby back ribs at Midway Grill before going back to Manila. 🙂

Now, should I say I’m disappointed with this surfing trip? Not at all! Well, I’d say, I’m half-stoked (in the words of Hannah). Hehehe! 🙂 But then again, as I’v said in my previous post, our trip is definitely not a waste even without those waves. The beach is still and will always be an excellent weekend getaway! 🙂 Plus, the road trip, the company of friends, my accomplishment to get up on a short board… all made the entire trip a memorable one. 🙂

‘Til my next surfing trip! 🙂 Hopefully, next week! *keeping my fingers crossed*

P.S. Oh, and did I say that the most embarassing moment of my life happened last weekend?! Oh dear! Now, I can officially say that I will forever remember this vacation!!! As for what happened, well, I have to say- What happens in La Union, stays in La Union! Hehehe! Sorry guys, that moment was just uber embarrasing that I can’t even share a bit of it. LOL! 🙂

Lush Angel 🙂