This is not something new. This has been all over the net for about a month already, but when I saw this video on youtube, instead of getting hysterical as my fave brand is being vandalised, I was actually amazed! 🙂 Hehehe! 🙂

Check this out…

Now, would you actually consider such an art? I do! 🙂 Well, of course, it has to be done in the right place and not on a property that you do not own. 🙂

Well, this French anti-logo artist, Zevs, did this vandalism the night before the opening of his exhibit at Statements Art Gallery in Hong Kong. This “art” image of a Chanel logo with dripping paint all over happened in Central, Hong Kong. So what happened to him? He obviously got arrested with what he did!

BUT I want that on my walls too!!! 🙂 LOL! I wouldn’t want such liquidated logos on my bags though. Hehehe! 🙂