The moment I got out of Heathrow airport, I knew I’m gonna enjoy my stay here in London. As the chauffeur drove me to my flat, I realized that there’s sooo much to see in this city! Sooo much to see that I don’t even know where to start! 🙂 To make life easier and to see the best places in the city in two days (yes, I’m that excited even if I’ll be here for almost 2 months… LOL!), I joined the hop on and off tour bus. So let me bring you to some of the best places/ sights here in London…

Temple Bar Memorial along Fleet Street

temple bar memorial fleet street

Tower Bridge from a far

tower bridge london

Tower Bridge up close

tower bridge

the famous London Eye

london eye

the amazing Westminster Abbey

westminster abbey london

Big Ben

big ben london

Buckingham Palace

inside buckingham palace

St. Paul’s Cathedral

st paul's cathedral london

and last but not the least… HARRODS (the best mall in London)!!! Hahaha! 🙂

london harrods london malls

Whew… I swear, these are only some of the lovely places here in the city! I’m a fan of victorian / gothic-like architectures, which can be seen all over London. 🙂 How I wish I can live here, even for just a few years. I’m enjoying this place so much. 🙂 Haaaay… 🙂

Now, I certainly believe what others say- “A man tired of London is tired of life.” 🙂