Well, my nails says it all…

brazil nail color

Obviously, it’s the FIFA World Cup! Since I’m a “nail addict”, the best way to show the team I support is through my nail color! πŸ™‚

I can clearly remember four years ago, I was betting on France. I stayed up late just to watch the games, even if I had work the next day. And since it’s the World Cup season once again, time to stay awake until 5:00am! Hehehe! Well, for those who are not aware, there is a 12 hours difference between Manila and South Africa so that explains my sleeping habits the past few weeks. Hehehe!

fifa world cup nail color

This was the color of my nails last week when Brazil played against Netherlands. I have always been a fan of Brazil. Well for one, I consider them one of the great teams in football. They aren’t a five-time World Cup champion for nothing! Plus, I love the colors of Brazil! LOL! What an excuse, I know! But the yellow-green-blue combination of Brazil looks calming for me. It exudes happiness! Hehehe! In fact, when I went to Europe last 2006 (World Cup season), I bought a couple of football souvenirs of the Brazil team. I know I said I was for France at that time, but hello, I love the colors of Brazil! LOL! πŸ™‚ Anyway, going back, who would have thought that Netherlands would win that match against Brazil! Hay! πŸ™ Well as much as I love Brazil, the day after, I had to change my nail color to this…

world cup nail color

Yup, plain red for the two matches the following day. Last Saturday, it was Argentina vs. Germany and Paraguay vs. Spain. I love Germany. I love Spain. Well, this should have been red and yellow since both countries have these colors. I was just going to party that night so I thought I would just have to save it to whoever will go to the finals. Hehehe! Well, I already have a feeling that Netherlands and Germany will be playing for the championship. If my prediction is true, my nails would be like my friend’s, MFJ. Hehehe! She’s a nail addict as well. Check this link. Go Deutschland!!! πŸ™‚ Anyway, MFJ will be posting a video soon on how to do this FIFA World Cup inspired nails. πŸ™‚