I seldom use eyeliner. I find it so messy. Since I have watery eyes all the time (Drama queen, eh! LOL!), it smudges easily. And when that happens, I find it such a hassle to fix it- foundation, concealer and powder all over again around the eyes! Argh! Oh, and never did I use liquid eyeliner. Why? I can’t seem to control my hands using a tiny brush! Well, all these are facts of my past now. Hahaha! I can’t go out without eyeliner anymore! 🙂 I just recently discovered that there is now a waterproof liquid eyeliner pen. 🙂 Ignorant me! Has this been in the market for quite some time now??? Oh well, I just learned about it recently! Anyway, here’s what I bought…


It’s IN2IT Waterproof Eyeliner Pen. Say goodbye to those tiny brushes! Hehe! Liquid eyeliner is now easier to apply more than ever! 🙂 I got the super black eyeliner. Well, IN2IT only has one color available for their Liquid Eyeliner Pen. If you want other shades, Revlon also has a similar product. They are selling it for about PHP 500 – PHP 600. It’s more expensive than IN2IT since obviously, it is Revlon. Also, Revlon’s liquid eyeliner dries up right away the moment you apply! It is actually amazing! I settled for the PHP 330 Waterproof Eyeliner Pen of IN2IT coz I wanted to give this product a try first. Apparently, after several uses, I noticed that it works well on me. I received compliments whenever I use it. 🙂 I guess I’ll have to try the Revlon Liquid Eyeliner Pen as well when my IN2IT completely dries up. 🙂 Oh, Maybelline also sells a liquid eyeliner pen for around PHP 400. Face Shop has one too, but I’m not quite sure with the price. 🙂


The tip of this liquid eyeliner pen is made up of sponge so the moment its tip touches a surface, it secretes the ink. If you want to create a really fine line, this product is definetely for you. The very fine tip applicator of this pen allows you to easily draw a thin line around your eyes. If you are a drama queen like me though, you’d prefer your eyeliner to be a bit thicker. 🙂 I find it easier to achieve this using a pencil eyeliner, but using a liquid eyeliner adds more drama to the eyes since it appears darker and shinier. If you want to smudge your eyeliner though for blending purposes, then stick to the pencil. 😉 Since I want the dark and shiny drama effect, I’ll have to use a liquid eyeliner pen. I just have to draw a few more lines to make it a bit thicker. 😉 And of course to complete the effect, just curl up your lashes using Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, then swipe it off with some mascara. You’ll then look like an ultimate drama queen like me! LOL! 🙂