I hate needles- whether it be for injection or IV. They scare the heck out of me. When I got invited to try Flawless Beauty Drip, I immediately said yes. I saw the word “beauty”, so the beauty geek in me got curious. I suddenly realized hours after that “drip” obviously involves needles. To make sure, I asked Flawless how the procedure is like. True enough, the name says it all- “drip” = IV (intravenous)! I almost fainted when I read the text message. LOL! I already said yes and as your beauty insider, I MUST try – whatever it takes! ūüėÄ


Flawless Beauty Drip is an innovative service that makes use of an advanced medical technique to make it easier for the body to efficiently absorb nutrients through intravenous application. Do you know that when you take vitamins orally, only 15% go to your bloodstream and the remaining 85% become useless? Through intravenous system, higher concentrations of nutrients get into the body’s cells, resulting to better absorption and utilization.

Actually, there are already available fluid drips around for special purposes, such as to boost the immune system, improve physical performance or for detoxification. Flawless came up with an all-in-one mix that not only improves the health, but also the physical appearance- making it the ultimate antioxidant. The specially-formulated beauty blend contains high doses of anti-free radical vitamins, including vitamin C, B complex and Glutathione. These nutrients are known for helping the body recover from all sorts of damages by boosting the health of cells.

Knowing all these information right before the procedure made me feel better. Of course, I was still nervous, but I was looking forward to its benefits. I had colds that time. For the past two days, I was experiencing runny nose and non-stop sneezing. At the back of my mind, this formulation will be put to the test!


The doctor was the one who did the entire procedure. The formulation was also mixed in front of me and all the tools used were sterile. It took over an hour to finish one bottle. After removing the IV, I was asked to rest for a few minutes before completely standing up since some feel dizzy right after the procedure. I personally didn’t experience it though as effects can really vary.


I was told that when Beauty Drip is done regularly (once a week), you can expect dramatic results- lighter and more radiant skin, stronger immune system, better circulation and sleep, and improved mental functions. But one immediate effect I noticed after the procedure is that I didn’t sneeze nor blow my nose. Just like that, my colds magically disappeared. Even my sister noticed it when I came home. She even asked me what happened since she saw me suffering from really strong colds the day before and just before I left the house. That truly amazed me and I’m so thankful I tried Flawless Beauty Drip!

Flawless Beauty Drip is already available in Flawless boutiques at PHP 7,000 per session.

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