As promised in my previous OOTD post, I’ll be sharing more about the Marc Coblen watch I was wearing since a dedicated and special feature is a must for this gorgeous watch. Since its launch last year, Marc Coblen watches have created a buzz in the fashion industry. And ever since I first posted about this watch on my Instagram account (@lush_angel) and every time I wear it (which is almost everyday), I’ve been getting a ton of questions about it. First look, they thought it’s TW Steel. Well, there is a reason why.


Marc Coblen is named after the Cobelens family that introduced TW Steel watches to the world and it is designed by horlogerist Jordy Cobelen.

Now, how did Marc Coblen watches become a favorite among style-makers? Each basic timepiece can be changed to suit different lifestyles and moods by selecting and changing different watch straps and bezels. Each timepiece becomes an individual style statement that fits its wearer’s unique personality.


Marc Coblen watches allow everyone the freedom to personalize their own stylish timepiece through a simple Select-and-Change process, which comes in 3 steps.


Marc Coblen Watch Models

The first step is choosing from the 30 base models available in 3 sizes (42mm, 45mm, 50mm) with chronograph in 3-hand movements encased in classic steel, trendy rose gold plating, and hard-wearing black coating.




Marc Coblen Watch Straps

The second step involves choosing a watch strap from the array of colours, textures and materials—the selection of leather with different textures and comfortable silicone rubber materials comes in ten classic and trendy.




The straps can be interchanged effortlessly through the timepiece’s slide-and-click system (the tiny lock at the end of the straps).


Marc Coblen Watch Bezels

The third step to complete the change is by replacing the watch’s bezel. Simply rotate the bezel to remove and replace with another. The bezels come in 10 different colors. You can also choose from Swarovski crystals or hard-wearing hammered and ceramic bezels.


In an intimate blogger launch, we were asked to choose and design our Marc Coblen watches.


And here are our personal picks… fresh and simple for Nicole Anderson (white), elegant for Kelly Misa (green), feminine for Vernice Enciso (pink), stunning for Lissa Kahayon (red), masculine for David Guison (black), and eye-catching for me (blue).


Let me give you a closer look of my watch. I chose a 45mm chronograph in rose-gold with black face. Since I’ve always been into oversized watches, I first thought of getting the 50mm. It was too big for my tiny wrist though so the mid-size is just perfect for me. Most of my watches actually come in either 45mm or 48mm.



Then, I gave my Marc Coblen timepiece a personal touch by choosing blue straps and a bezel embellished with Swarovski crystals in Black Diamond.


I initially wanted to get the hammered bezel in rose gold, but I then realized a shiny shimmering bezel would also be perfect for night outs or even for formal events. As seen in my photos, the crystals also allow me to wear silver or white gold accessories even if I have the rose gold casing.




As for the straps, I’m also dying to have the red, green and purple leather straps! Oh, and as seen in my photos above, they also have pastel silicone straps! They’re all sooo pretty! 😀


Watch this quick how-to video to see how easy it is to personalize your Marc Coblen watch.

With personal fashion, interchangeability, and convenience being at the heart of its design, Marc Coblen watches are the perfect style statement for any fashion-conscious urbanite. Style and function meet so harmoniously with these interchangeable timepieces, and with Marc Coblen watches it’s always fashionable to be on time. Whether it’s a casual, trendy, colourful, rugged, or romantic style—there’s a Marc Coblen watch combination to complete any outfit for any occasion.

Special thanks to this lovely lady here beside me, Rochelle Romero, for introducing me to Marc Coblen! 😉


Marc Coblen watches range from PHP 10,000 to PHP 18,000. Marc Coblen watches are brought to the Philippines by Swiss Prestige Inc. and are available at the SM Southmall, Century City Mall, and selected Chronos, Swissgear and Wristpod stores.

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