Déjà vu is probably what my mom felt when she saw me last weekend. Why? I decided to go vintage during a party at home. The moment she saw me entered our house, she flashed a very big smile. I thought she was happy to see me, but when I came close to greet her, the first words she uttered were “nice skirt…”! Haha! The whole night, she can’t stop adoring the skirt I was wearing. Obviously, there’s only one reason why she won’t stop complementing it. It is because the skirt and the belt were once upon a time owned by my dear mother. She cleans up her closet once in a while to give away things that she doesn’t use anymore, but she also loves keeping her ultimate favorites, even if they don’t fit her anymore- whether it be clothes, shoes, bags or accessories. Well, good for me and my sister. We get a lot of hand-me-downs. Hehe! 🙂 Take for example this skirt, which she used to wear when she was still single. Yeah, it’s truly a vintage piece. 😀


This skirt is one of my mom’s favorites because of the cut and the hand-sewn florals. Yes, you read it right- the florals aren’t just printed. They are hand-sewn, making it more special. 🙂

I altered the skirt a bit to have some modern touch to it. The length of the lining is originally as long as the skirt. Since the cloth is somehow sheer, I shortened the lining like a mini skirt. 🙂


To make the whole outfit look more vintage, I paired the skirt with a ruffled pleated white top. I think it made me look more prim and proper, don’t you think? 😉 And of course, I used mom’s belt, which is so vintage too. I think she had it when she was still single. Another vintage item I used that night is the bag, which I wasn’t able to take picture! Wow, great! Sorry about that! 🙁 It’s a vintage Dior flap bag, which I used in this outfit post. She bought it several years ago (I think I wasn’t even born yet that time)! Thankfully, all her designer bags are well-maintained, making her baghag daughter ultimately happy. LOL! 😀 See, for those men who can’t understand girls spending over designer bags, here’s the proof that they are timeless! We can pass it on to our children and take note, still useable! So I guess you guys can stop arguing with your girlfriends and wives about it, okay??? 😉 LOL! Anyhoo, my hair has something to do with my theme too, of course. I neatly tied it in a bun for a more vintage look. Now, I guess you understand why it was like déjà vu for mom when she saw me that night. Haha!


And to splash a little bit of color, I used my wedge slingback espadrille in yellow canvas. Nude-colored pumps should have been perfect, but I couldn’t find it that night! I was so in a hurry already. Argh! 🙁 I just thought that yellow can also be an option just to pop some color. 😀 Besides, wedge slingback espadrille is something retro too. 😉


If you have noticed my over-all look, I somehow look like a blast from the past. I know I’ve mentioned in some of my outfit posts featuring vintage stuff that mixing the old with new pieces is a must to balance out the look. Well, I have to say, bringing back the good old days sometimes ain’t bad at all. In fact, it’s fun! Don’t you think?! 😉



*photos taken using Lumix LX5*

On Lush Angel: vintage skirt and belt from mom; 101 New York ruffled pleated top; Colin Stuart wedge slingback espadrille; Gucci watch; earrings from bazaar; Cotton On Rubi cuff