… is the fashion. 🙂 That’s it! I easily get cold, which is why I hate it when I travel towards the end of fall, the start of spring, and of course, winter! I don’t know what’s with my family, but we always end up traveling in countries with four seasons during these times. Well, for one, maybe we are used to having summer breaks when I was still studying, which is why we schedule our trips every summer (or spring in the other parts of the world). Also, because of the almost unbearable heat in the Philippines during summer time, we just wanna escape from it by traveling somewhere cold. And thinking about it, who would want to travel and tour around a place under the painful heat of the summer sun? This makes the other seasons more convenient to travel after all! I would rather travel and brave the cold weather than going around sticky and sweating like a pig. LOL! 😀 This made me collect jackets, coats, boots and warmers over time. As much as I wanna wear all of them, I just get to pull them out of my closet when I travel. The sad part- I can never ever bring all of them! 🙁 As much as I wanna travel in style, I can only bring so much. It’s so hard to tug around several luggages when we do cross-country tours and hop in to different hotels almost every two days. We also have to pack light ‘coz we usually end up having overweight luggages whenever we get back to Manila. Haha! Actually, my way of packing light is just to bring a few clothes that I could mix and match, then shop for my other outfits wherever we are going. LOL! Well, at least that’s a reason for me to go shopping. Haha! That’s just me. I am going to shop anyway, so why not just wear whatever I end up buying. 😀

Now that I’m back in Shanghai and this time with the cold weather, it’s time for me to take out those fall/ winter outfits. Yay! 😀 The last time I was here, which was just 3 months ago, it was so freakin’ hot! It was so hard for me to go out in the afternoon because of the heat of the sun. But when I visited China years before that, it was the other way around! It reached up to -10 degrees Celsius. Now, I guess I’m experiencing the middle of those extremes. This made me decide to leave all my coats behind and just bring two leather jackets. 🙂 Well, I have survived the past 4 days. I just hope it won’t get any colder than this, or I might end up buying another coat here. I hope not! LOL! Anyway, here’s something I wore when I arrived in Shanghai. Finally, I debuted my Massimo Dutti leather jacket! I bought it over a year ago, but I never had the chance to wear it! Haha! 😀



just a quick leisure walk outside the hotel on my first night…



On Lush Angel: Massimo Dutti leather jacket; K.A.T. Collection white blouse; Jag jeans; motorcycle boots from London; studded hat from Galeries Lafayette in Paris; vintage owl necklace from a bazaar