It was a day packed with events that started around 2pm. I had to jump from one event to another. Good thing all of them were in one mall, which rarely happens. How I wish it’s always like that. Haha! The last one though I had to brave the rush hour traffic from north to south just to attend one of Unilever’s most-awaited launch for the year- Pond’s Men (more about it later on). Well, the traffic led me to change clothes inside the car. LOL! I initially planned to go for a look that could go from day to night, but I’ve been itching to wear this dress from Ripples by Jenny. I’ve always liked clothes with “peek-a-boo”, especially for night outs. This one is just perfect.


The short sleeves and the length of skirt make the dress look conservative from the back. But wait ’til you see the front and when I start walking…


There’s a small cut-out in front and sexy high slit that reveals a part of my right leg.


To add elegance, I used my Chanel 2.55 Flap bag in gold hardware.


It doesn’t hurt to throw in some colors in an all black ensemble.


To go with my heels, I used blue straps for my Marc Coblen watch. I also used my black diamond bezel, which I think is perfect in occasions like this. If you haven’t read my post on how I change the look of my Marc Coblen watch, check it out HERE.


Despite having a rose gold casing, I paired the watch with a Pandora bracelet. The bezel of the watch makes it look like it’s two-tone, allowing me to use silver/ white gold accessories too.



Do you like “peek-a-boo” ensembles as much as I do? ūüėČ Share your thoughts!


Dress:  instagram @RIPPLESbyJenny
Heels: SM Parisian
Purse: Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag
Bracelet: Pandora
Watch: Marc Coblen

Now, going back to Pond’s Men. Why did I say it’s one of the most-awaited launch? Well, through the years, Pond’s has been known for the gorgeous and elegant ladies behind the brand. It’s about time to put the spotlight on the men, particularly their grooming habits. We already know how most women are more patient when it comes to skincare application. Most men just can’t take the must-do ritual of cleanse – tone – moisturize. If you also noticed, men usually use the skincare products designed for women. Men and women have different skincare needs, which is why Pond’s came up with a men’s skincare line. So, to the ladies out there, you know what to get your husband, dad, or boyfriend!


Pond’s Men has two product lines- Acne Clear Oil Control and¬†Energy Charge. Acne Clear Oil Control has mineral clay and witch hazel extract to help control oil and minimize pores. On the other hand, Energy Charge brightens skin through the coffee bean extracts in it. Oh and good news! Pond’s Men Energy Charge has an All In One Moisturizer, which¬†combines the benefits of moisturizer, toner & serum in one powerful product. Now men do not have an excuse that they don’t have time! All they need to do is use the facial wash to cleanse and the all-in-one moisturizer to tone and moisturize the skin! ūüėÄ

During the event, they also launched the newest endorser and brand ambassadors of Pond’s Men.

left to right: Rico Blanco, Paul Soriano, Xian Lim, Anton del Rosario and Victor Consunji


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