This is what I decided to wear…



It was one really hot sunday afternoon! Since I wasn’t really going anywhere but stroll inside the mall across my house, I just opted to be plain and simple that day. There’s nothing really fancy with what im wearing here. It’s one of those days I feel like staying in bed all day. Hehehe! 🙂 And since I’m wearing a plain top and bottom, I thought I needed to accessorize…


Oh, and I’m actually wearing a bermuda shorts that I’ve had several years back. I just folded it twice to make it a bit shorter.


Oh, and don’t you just love scarves?! It’s such a versatile accessory. Of course depending on the size and cloth used, you can opt to wear it as a headband or a head wrap; or if it’s a bit chilly, you can tie or wrap it around your neck; or just simply drape it around your neck to transform your simple outfit to something more interesting. 😉


On Lush Angel: Greenhills white tank top; Bayo bermuda shorts; ballet flats from London; SM silver necklaces; Accessorize ribbon ring; Technomarine watch; leopard print bangle from Primark London; braided belt from Achie; Chanel pearl drop earrings; KAT scarf; Gucci vintage bag