Denim on Denim outfit is nothing new anymore. We’ve seen this style worn in mannequins of Mango, Zara, Topshop, and the like. It was also in the runways, magazines and other fashion blogs, but I just can’t get enough of denims, especially when the trend started. I even shared in my Just Like Denim post of my search for the denim polo of my dear sister. Since I couldn’t find it, I thought of wearing a light blue polo in replacement. Good thing it worked as it looked like denim from a far (hence, the title “Just Like Denim”). 🙂

And since I have a self-proclaimed love for denims, I thought of sharing my denim on denim version. The idea may not be something new, but it’s still uncommon to see people wearing this outfit. Probably, we aren’t used to pairing a denim top with a denim bottom. It’s always either/or. People are not so comfortable wearing denim all over since it was once a fashion don’t. But since I love to experiment and try something new, I went for the denim on denim get-up. 🙂 Without further ado, here is Lush Angel’s Denim on Denim look…

Don’t mind my face, please. I took these photos to test my new camera equipments so I didn’t bother to put on some make-up anymore. I just thought of dressing up so I can use my shots here in my blog. LOL! 😀


Ooooh yeah, I’ve got a denim long sleeves polo already! Yay! 😀 It’s not from my sister though since that polo magically disappeared from our closet! Argh! I got this denim long sleeves from K.A.T. Collection. It’s not from Topshop or Dorothy Perkins but yes, it resembles to their denim polo (even the buttons)! LOL! 😀 Thanks K.A.T.! 😀


So what do you think of the denim on denim combination? 😉 Not bad, eh? 🙂 The trick to make it work is use different shades of denim! We want to avoid that monochromatic look. Using a denim top and bottom with exactly the same shade would make you look like you’re wearing an overall. Pair a light denim top with jeans or denim shorts that’s one or two shade/s darker.


As seen in my photos, I also used a braided leather belt to break up the denim on denim combination. To finish off the look, I spiced it up with my lace-up booties and shoulder bag in Oak, and my trusty bronze and wooden bangles. 🙂 Here are more pictures…




On Lush Angel: K.A.T. Collection denim long sleeves polo, braided belt and scarf (worn as a headband); denim shorts from Bangkok; H&M shoulder bag, bangles and lace-up booties