Being fashionable does not necessarily mean sacrificing comfort. But hey I don’t wanna be a hypocrite here- I admit, I sometimes sacrifice comfort all for the love for fashion. Well, being dressed and looking good give me happiness and comfort. Hehe! But of course, that doesn’t mean fashion and comfort will forever be enemies.

I love wearing heels. Those added inches and slimmer-looking legs can surely boost confidence. 🙂 But of course, it’s not everyday I can wear one. Well, I often used to when I was still working. It was when I started buying high-heeled shoes/ sandals in various colors and styles. They definitely look sexy. But no matter how gorgeous they look when worn, I can’t afford to wear high heels while going on tours. Geesh, who wants to get varicose veins?! This is why I’m usually seen wearing boots, sandals, sneakers, or any footwear in flats when I’m abroad. And to add something new in my closet, I got a pair of Crocs, which I shared in my previous post. Now do you think it’s too plain and simple? Think again. Here are some photos before I left for Singapore. I thought of breaking it in here in Manila since I know I would do a lot of walking over there. Hehe! 🙂


It’s actually a plain and simple outfit. I had to do a lot of errands that day so I decided to go for an all-out comfy get-up. Wearing comfortable clothes from top to bottom does not mean I should look sloppy. It’s just a matter of styling and accessorizing that make all the difference. 😀 More photos below… 😀






On Lush Angel: random black tank top and fedora hat from Bangkok; random glittered oversized shirt from Taipei; Bench jeans; Crocs Santa Cruz Corduroy shoes; Forever 21 bag; Aldo bracelet; Police watch; vintage necklace from mom