The Bund Street is a popular tourist destination in Shanghai, China. The entire street has Western architecture buildings, making you feel that you’re suddenly transported to Europe. Taking a walk here at night is the best as you can see all the lights lit up until 11pm. Check out some of the photos I took using my Panasonic Lumix LX5. For a compact camera, the night shots are indeed very good already. 😀 Oh, and take note, these are only hand-held and I only used Intelligent Auto. Images could have been better using tripod and manual mode! 😀



The Bund Street is alongside the famous Huangpu River. Just opposite the Huangpu River, you can see Shanghai’s modern skycrapers. This is why walking along Bund Street gives you a strong contrast between the modern life and the past. If you’re not fond of long walks though, you can also ride the river cruise along the Huanpu River. I tried it out when I went with my family here in China. You get to see all the city lights of both the old colonial-era and modern buildings. It was surely a nice experience. It was just terribly cold that time since it was spring and the cold wind was blowing really strong that night.


Thankfully, I dedicated one night to visit the Bund Street again during my last trip in Shanghai. I was hesitant at first since I’ve already been there before. But seeing it again was like a first for me- so much have changed! Thank God I decided to sacrifice one night of shopping and go here instead! 😀 And since it was another cold season, here’s what I decided to wear…

I had to use flash this time… Too strong though, making my bag look like really blue! Ugh!






On Lush Angel: Mango black leather jacket; Zara lace blouse; random black tank top; K.A.T. Collection skirt; black stockings and motorcycle boots from London; Forever 21 blue satchel; owl necklace from a bazaar