A number of Hollywood celebrities are sporting new ‘dos! Have you seen them?!

First is Jennifer Aniston. Yep, say goodbye to Jennifer’s long locks. She’s now sporting a bob cut. Check her out below.


*photo from PopEater*

Love it or hate it? Though the bob cut looks refreshing on her, I still prefer her long locks. She looked sexier. Well, that’s just my opinion. 😉

Another celeb that shocked the whole world with his new do is none other than, Justin Bieber! No more signs of his signature long bangs. Awww… 🙁


*photo from OK! Magazine*

What do you think? As for Bieber, I think I liked it. His new ‘do fits him well- revealing his brow bones and big brown eyes. 🙂

Wait a minute! Did Bieber cut his hair because Manny Pacquiao now owns that look?!

Manny-Pacquiao-new-hair justin-bieber

*Pacquiao’s photo from Manila Bulletin and Bieber’s photo from Hot Indie News*


Ooops, I’m not over yet! One last celeb to hit the news- Chris Brown! And what do you think did he do with his already short hair? Well, he colored it blonde! Yup, Chris Brown is now blonde!


He uploaded this photo in his Twitter account, saying ‘look at me now’.

Does Chris Brown’s new hair color fit him? Sorry, but I have to say no to this. He reminds me of Dennis Rodman. No offense to Dennis, but I just prefer his dark hair. It has been like his trademark, I guess.