After being a beach bum for weeks, I finally got a tan, which I don’t get easily no matter how much I try. I love it, without a doubt, but due to some work, I had to get back to my original color immediately! If there is a tan eraser, it would be a lot easier! Unfortunately, there’s none! 🙁 I had to keep on scrubbing myself and even resort to whitening soaps and lotions. Okay, call me desperate! Now you can imagine how “immediate” is immediate! Haha! If only I can bring back my color overnight… Haha! It is during this time I received this Mosbeau Advanced Placenta White Food Supplement. How timely, huh?! Let me get this straight. When it comes to beauty, I’m never really into oral medication. I have fears of side effects. Due to my need to get whiter, I just had to give it a shot. Haha! But of course, I didn’t drink just because it’s “whitening”! I was not that desperate- just sort-of! LOL! My health is still my priority. I was convinced when I read more about it- so convinced that I’ve been taking it for almost a month now. So, how was it? How am I? Read on…


Mosbeau Advanced Placenta White Food Supplement is an improved version of the old Mosbeau Placenta White Supplement, which used to have 5 main ingredients only. Now, it comes in a more potent formulation of 10 advanced ingredients, which work together to create beautiful skin transformation for Asian women. Here’s a breakdown of the 10 advanced ingredients and what they could do:

Horse Placental Protein
Promotes skin whitening, anti-aging and skin cell renewal

Japan Patented Marine Placental Protein (Salmon Egg)
Aids in skin whitening, anti-aging and skin renewal

Silk Powder
Revitalizes the skin and gets rid of skin imperfections like wrinkles, acne scars and sunspots

Keeps the skin firm, smooth and supple

Rose Petal Extract
Contains anti-allergic and anti-atopic properties

Hyaluronic Acid
Keeps the skin hydrated, moisturized and even more youthful-looking

Soy Isoflavones
Promote healthier and right balance of hormones

Fish Collagen
Reverses skin aging and visibly removes fine lines and other unsightly signs of increasing age

Malpighia glabra
Acts as an effective antioxidant

Vitamin C
Aids in skin whitening, combats aging and protects skin against free radicals

And more active ingredients!
Adlay, Glycine, L-cysteine, Hesperidin, ß-cryptoxanthin, Carrot Extract and Candida utilis

When I read all that, I knew I had to take it! It’s very promising! Whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging and skin cell renewal all in one- why not?!


I’ve been taking it for almost a month now and so far so good! I didn’t had any allergic reactions. Yes, my skin lightened, but I can’t really attribute everything to Mosbeau Advanced Placenta White Food Supplement. I’ve also been using other whitening products. Plus, my skin really lightens quite fast after getting a tan. One thing I don’t like about it though is the dosage of 4 tablets a day. I try to distribute my intake of it all through out the day, but I sometimes tend to forget my 3rd and 4th tablets. Also, it’s quite pricey at PHP 1,480 for 60 tablets (15 days use) or PHP 2,850 for 120 tablets (30 days use). Well, I guess the price you pay can speak for its effectiveness. I noticed my skin is even better now- no breakouts even if its the time of the month (girls know what I mean). My friend also agreed on its effectiveness on having clearer skin. He used to breakout every now and then, but after drinking Mosbeau Advanced Placenta White Food Supplement regularly, his pimples were significantly controlled. Oh, and if you’re afraid of gaining appetite since it says “food supplement”, I didn’t had that effect. My food intake has not increased.

If you wish to try out Mosbeau Advanced Placenta White Food Supplement, it’s always best to consult your doctor/ dermatologist, especially if you have known allergies. Effects on me may not be the same on others.

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