A few weeks ago, Sofitel Manila launched the partnership of Themae and Le Spa. Media friends were treated to an extremely relaxing afternoon.

The event started with some wine tasting. We were ushered to the pool area and we were taught how to open a champagne with a knife! Woot! As much as I want to try, I’d rather not. The knife might end up flying instead of the cork. LOL!


Yes, these glasses greeted us. Although I love wine, especially dessert wines, I really don’t know much about it. The one and only thing I know is that red wine and steak is a perfect match! 😀 I just learned from this event that white wine is actually good with seafood. I guess I’ll be trying more of that next time. 😉


Although I love to eat, I don’t really eat that much. But as they always say, there’s always an exception. In my case, it’s whenever I dine in Spiral! They still remain the number one in my heart and in my stomach *laughs* when it comes to buffet! How can I ever say no to these?! 😀 😀 😀


Oh, and do you know that it was my first time to try Spiral’s famous Foie Gras?! What a shame, I know! But hey, I never liked liver. I also tried Foie Gras in one of the posh restaurants here in Manila and I almost puked. I told myself never ever to try that again! Well, here’s another exception. My dear blogger friend, Jackie, pushed me to. It took her a while to convince me, but thankfully she was so patient!!! Gawd, I ate 2 and I even wanted more! No liver taste or feel at all! Now I have to say, Spiral has the best Foie Gras! 😀 😀


Right after getting filled up, Marj, Jackie and I headed to Le Spa for a facial treatment.


I love the relaxing ambiance of the entire place.

reception area


on the way to the rooms




lounge area


Themae products were used for our Instant Glow Facial.

THÉMAÉ, the Japanese name for the tea preparation ceremony, symbolises a world of sensations, beauty and pleasure that comes to life in a unique place in Paris and at the heart of a radically different range of treatments.

The tea plant has over 30% of polyphenols (one of the highest levels of antioxidant concentration known) and contains antioxidants 200 times more potent than Vitamin E. 

The effects of the antioxidants in 2 cups of teas are the equivalent of 7 glasses of orange juice. Thus, tea actively contributes to slowing the skin’s signs of aging by neutralising the free radicals that breaks down collagen and elastin.

THÉMAÉ celebrates the tea benefits and brings them into the heart of each formula in the precious Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Teas Extract) which blends the regenerating white tea, the stimulating black tea, the soothing red tea, and the antioxidant green tea. Each treatment enhances one of these teas and combines it with a well balanced spring water to keep its ultimate purity.

Tea’s intrinsic qualities benefit the body as well as the soul.

Just as drinking tea gives a moment of relaxation and actively protects the health of those who drink it, THÉMAÉ offers treatments with an original two-pronged approach to combine truly effective treatments with complete well-being.


Marj and I got the couple’s room. After the facial, we were given a quick massage. Oh dear, I was wishing my therapist could just do a full body massage. I must say, they’re really good. Even Marj confirmed how good her therapist was. If you think we chatted all throughout our treatment, like what girls usually do, we didn’t! We feel asleep!!! OMG! They indeed have magical hands. 😀

If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, Le Spa can definitely give the quick relaxation you’ve always wanted.

For bookings and inquiries, please call (632)551.5555 ext., 1588, 1589 or email [email protected]

Check out Sofitel’s latest offerings and Le Spa’s list of treatments and packages below.

Wine and spa treatment pairing at Le Spa, 23rd September to 31st December, 2013

In celebration of the French Wine Week, Le Spa at Sofitel combines the wonders of wine and traditional massage treatments and introduces “vinotherapy” to Filipino wine lovers and beauty enthusiasts. Indulge in a luxurious massage treatment and discover beauty from the vineyards with grape-based products from Les Sources de Caudalie, winner of the prestigious Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Spa Awards 2012. Complement the experience with a glass of a perfectly paired Château Smith Haut-Lafitte, one of the best wines from Bordeaux, France.

Wine Lovers Treatment is set at Php 30,000 for two persons, inclusive of a bottle of Château Smith Haut-Lafitte wine or Php 20,000 for two glasses per couple.

Le Spa Signature Treatments


The Elixir:

(1H30m) – Php 4,500 A pure moment of relaxation. Bora Bora Deep Blue Massage combines Western, Asian and Polynesian massage techniques using gentle pressure on key massage points with warm marine massage stamps. The use of the exclusive and sensual Bora Bora deep sea water elixir massage oil and Divine Cream – luxurious skin care products of exotic fragrance, rich mineral content and moisturizing properties – makes this skin care treatment a wonderfully pampering experience.

Original Beauty Facial:

 (1H30m) – Php 4,500 This intensive treatment is designed to combat loss of elasticity and reduce the appearance of pigmentation. After a deep cleansing of the skin and a peel to encourage cell renewal, a fatigue removal facial massage caps off the session. A collagen mask is used, combined with kneading, acupuncture movements. Skin is radiant and bright, and signs of ageing are visibly reduced.

Hilot Secret:

(1H30m) – Php 3,500 Experience the purity of Hilot, the ancient Filipino art of healing, with this total mind and body experience. Enjoy the relaxing sensation of essential oils and soothing heat of aromatic leaves.


Instant Glow Facial:

(30m) – Php 2,000 An express facial on the go to refresh and brighten the skin; green tea decongests the skin, and a relaxing massage is done on the upper body.

Desktop Recovery:

(30m) – Php 1,500 This massage is ideal for today’s hectic lifestyle, focused only on the head and the shoulders to relieve stress and tension, allowing the whole body to relax.

Aroma Tea Bath Ritual:

(30m) – Php 1,500 Immerse yourself in warm, crystal clear water sprinkled with petals and tea flowers. Tensions melt away while the scalp is gently massaged.



 Rejuvinating Facial:

(1H30m) – Php 3,800 Tackle signs of ageing and wrinkles with this lifting and firming treatment. Therapeutic movements encourage circulation for visibly younger, vibrant looking skin. Each treatment is performed with using traditional tools such as Ridokis and Nuat-Na to firm the skin.

Purity Radiance Facial:

(1H) – Php 3,000 Intense purification is combined with lymphatic drainage to leave skin oxygenated and purified. The skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated and steamed to prepare for a detoxifying mask enriched with Complexe des 4 Thes and lupin flower extract.

Hydration Facial:

(1H) – Php 3,000 This delicate treatment is the perfect antidote for tired and dull skin. A Ridokis massage tool is combined with the best French techniques and Shiatsu movements. The ultimate in deep relaxation.

Marine Purity:

(1H) – Php 2,700 This marine body scrub gently removes dead cells. Rich in minerals and three kinds of seaweed (Laminiria, Spirulina, and Lithothanium), this scrub washes away impurities, leaving skin soft, clean and glowing with health.

Silhouette Firming Wrap:

(1H30m) – Php 3,500 This treatment stimulates collagen synthesis, and as a result, noticeably restores the skin’s elasticity and firmness. A massage with silhouette shaper cups encourages collagen production and breaks down fatty deposits and cellulite, as well as drains excess fluid.

Silhouette Contouring Wrap:

 (1H30m) – Php 3,500 This contouring wrap firmly envelopes the body, stimulating fat and cellulite reduction for a slimmer and smoother silhouette. A massage with silhouette shaper cups breaks down fatty deposits and cellulite, as well as drains excess fluid.

Silhouette Toning Wrap:

(1H30m) – Php 3,500 This treatment reduces water retention, heavy legs syndrome and improves circulation. Capillary walls are strengthened, toxins are eliminated and microcirculation is regulated. A silhouette massage with silhouette shaper cups encourages collagen production and breaks down fatty deposits and cellulite, and drains excess fluid.


After Shopping Massage:

(1H) – Php 2,000 Relish an invigorating Ginger Scrub followed by sole reflexology using revitalizing aromatic oils of acupressure points of the feet to stimulate energy and restore body balance.

Hotstone Rolling:

(1H30m) – Php 3,500 Restore physical, emotional and spiritual balance with this full body treatment, using smooth volcanic stones to dissolve muscle tension.

Marrakech Sweetness:

(1H) – Php 3,000 Transport yourself to the fragrant gardens of Marrakech with this ultimate mood enhancer. It begins with a mint and green tea exfoliation, followed by a light and gentle massage using wide, sweeping hand movements.

Slimming Ceremony:

(1H30m) – Php 3,500 A massage combining relaxation and slimming results. A lymphatic massage of the legs, combined with rolling movements and suction pads, detoxify and tone the skin. This treatment reduces the appearance of cellulite, as well as fluid retention in the stomach and legs. For visible results, a series of treatments is required.

Siam Energy:

(1H) – Php 2,500 A traditional Sino-Oriental method, this massage combines the firm, restorative strokes of acupuncture with “Passive Stretching. Siam swabs enliven the skin leaving it silky soft with a beautiful, vibrant glow.


Filipino Pride:

(1H) – Php 3,000 Relieve muscle tension and energize the body with this invigorating combination of Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai and reflexology massages.

Hilot Secret:

(1H30m) – Php 3,500 Experience the purity of Hilot, the ancient Filipino art of healing with this total mind and body experience. Enjoy the soothing sensation of virgin coconut oil, essential oils and the heat of aromatic banana leaves.

Mayon Wrapsody:

(1H) – Php 2,500 Wake up to deliciously smooth skin with this organic treat that combines the benefits of natural skin-lightening calamansi, papaya body scrub and a mineral-rich volcano clay body wrap. 

Mango Delight Scrub:

(1H) – Php 2,500 Delight in a pampering body scrub that moisturizes and gently exfoliates skin using one of the Philippines’ most popular tropical fruits. The treatment restores moisture, smoothness and suppleness of the skin. 

Coconut Milk Body Glow scrub:

(1H30m) – Php 3,500 A rejuvenating body scrub comprised of a sea salt body scrub and a Philippine coconut milk treatment. It greatly improves the appearance of skin, leaving it renewed, glowing and deeply moisturized.

Aloe Vera after – Sun Treatment:

(1H) – Php 2,000 This treatment soothes, repairs and rejuvenates the skin after exposure from the sun’s harmful rays. It also smoothens and tones your epiderm.


Hand/Foot Moisturizing Reflex:

(30m) – Php 1,000 This treatment begins with an extensive exfoliation, followed by a reflexive foot massage using moisturizing body milk. Chlorella seaweed has a regenerating effect while daisy extract has lightening properties to reduce age spots and pigmentation, restoring skin radiance.

Smooth as Silk:

(30-1h30m) – Php 900 – Php 2,000 Enjoy skin so smooth and flawless with this treatment that combines waxing on the skin zone of your choice and soothing creams.

Royal Foot:

(1H) – Php 2,000 A combination of foot and hand reflexology, as well as scalp and shoulder massages designed to calm and balance mind and body.


Gentlemen’s Regenerative Massage:

(1H) – Php 2,500 A deep tissue massage designed to relieve severe muscle tension. A potent treatment, it combines deep muscular massage techniques and Thai stretching. Focus is directed at the back and legs to release tension, effectively soothing and relaxing the body.

Purity Facial:

(1H) – Php 2,800 Purification is achieved by lymphatic drainage to thoroughly detoxify and oxygenate. The skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated and steamed to prepare for a detoxifying mask enriched with Complexe des 4 Thes and lupin flower extract.


Cocoon Massage:

(1H) – Php 3,200 Specially developed for expectant mothers, this treatment is simultaneously gentle, comforting and toning. It improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and soothes the legs back of the mom-to-be. 

Angel Bliss:

(1H) – Php 1,200 Gentle pressure is applied to the scalp, legs and feet in this relaxing essential oil massage, performed on the back and the arms. This treatment improves the child’s quality of sleep, relaxes the nervous system and strengthens immunity.

Mommy & Me:

(3H) – Php 6,000 Mom or dad can enjoy a delightful Mango body scrub while child gets a Choco body wrap.  The treatments are followed by a fun bath and a relaxing massage.



Php 4,000 An international buffet lunch and a 60-minute Filipino Pride Massage. This treatment package is available from Monday to Friday.

A romantic dinner:

Php 4,500 An international buffet dinner and a 60-minute Marrakech Sweetness Massage Available Sundays to Thursdays, except public holidays.

Slimming Ritual:

(3H) – Php 5,000 60-minute Slimming Massage, 30-minute Green Tea Wrap,30-minute Ultralipo and Resolift at The Zen Institute

Energizing Sports Ritual:

(2H) – P3,500 Steam Bath, 60-minute Filipino Pride Massage and 90-minutes Yoga session or use of So Fit fitness centre

Rejuvenating Ritual:

(2H) – Php 5,500 90-minute Purity Facial, 30-minute Coconut Milk Body Glow Scrub and a 60-minute Marrakech Sweetness.

Tip to Toe Pampering:

(3H30m) – Php 6000 A Steam Bath, 60-minute Hydrating Facial, 60-minute Hotstone Rolling, 90-minute Manicure and Pedicure and a blow dry at Philippe Tordjman Le Salon


“Duo” Couple’s Romantic Ritual:

(3H) – Php 6,000 Indulge in a 3-hour use of a romantic couple’s suite with a choice of a 90-minute Marrakech Sweetness or Filipino Pride massage for two; includes a bottle sparkling wine, decadent pralines and a sensuous bath ritual

Jardin D’Eden:

Php 12,800 A 3-hour World’s best or Local favorite Massage for couples and     overnight accommodation at Sofitel with breakfast for two

Before the Special day:

(3H) – Php 6,000 A 60-minute Purity Radiance Facial, a 60-minute Coconut Milk Body Glow Scrub, and a 1-hour Filipino Pride Massage.


(1H30m) – Php 3,200 A 60-minute Purity Radiance Facial, a 60-minute Coconut Milk Body Glow Scrub, and a 1-hour Filipino Pride Massage.


(1H30m) – Php 3,200 A 60-minute Purity Radiance Facial, a 60-minute Coconut Milk Body Glow Scrub, and a 1-hour Filipino Pride Massage.


(2H) – Php 4,200 A 1-hour Filipino Pride Massage, a 30-minute Mango Delight Body Scrub, and a 30-minute Hydrating Facial.


(1H30m) – Php 3,200 A 30-minute Mango Delight Body Scrub, a 30-minute Regenerative Back Massage, and a 30-minute Instant Glow Facial

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