As promised in my Bobbi Brown BB Cream Relaunch post, I’m finally sharing my review of Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 PA+++. I’ve been very excited to post about this. I’ve mentioned several times here in my blog how oily my skin is, which is why not all BB creams work for me. Now, I’m putting Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 PA+++ to the test.


Bobbi Brown BB Cream Product Information

This multi-tasking correcting cream is also designed to give skin a natural glow. And when used over time, it provides 5 skin- perfecting benefits- brighter, more even skin tone, diminished appearance of fine lines, reduced redness and minimized pores. SPF 35 boosts the formula with daily protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays while providing additional healthy skin benefits.


I love Bobbi Brown BB Cream because…

  • it’s in a tube packaging. I can get some product without contaminating what’s left.
  • it’s a skincare and makeup in one- moisturizer, treatment, SPF and foundation.
  • it looks very natural in person and in photos.
  • it’s lightweight, as if I’m not wearing anything.
  • it’s for all skin types. It’s great even for oily skin. It can somehow control my oiliness, but of course, I also blot or retouch occasionally. It’s also moisturizing enough for those with semi-dry skin.
  • it has light to medium coverage.
  • it can cover light blemishes, under eye circles and redness. I can actually skip concealer application.
  • it has SPF 35.
  • it can even out skin tone and leave skin looking flawless.
  • it gives a natural glow. See photos below.
  • it comes in different shades- Light, Fair, Medium, and Natural. Even those with dark skin tones have a shade match.

I wish Bobbi Brown BB Cream…

  • is cheaper. It’s priced at PHP 2,350 for 40ml.

Tips on Bobbi Brown BB Cream

  • Visit Bobbi Brown boutique to swatch the exact shade for you as the name of the shades can be a bit tricky.
  • For those with really dry skin, apply moisturizer first.
  • Use your fingers to apply the BB cream if you want a natural finish. I just pat on more product on blemishes and under eye area for more coverage.
  • If you need more coverage, use a foundation brush.
  • Apply concealer or liquid foundation on top of the BB cream if needed.
  • Set the BB Cream with a translucent powder. For more coverage, set with powder foundation.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 PA+++ Verdict

I’ve been using Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 PA+++ ever since I got it. I usually use BB cream for everyday use only and opt for a liquid foundation for events or special occasions. Bobbi Brown BB cream is an exception. The coverage it gives can be comparable to liquid foundation already. Plus, it’s very comfortable to wear, as if I’m not wearing anything. It’s quite pricey though, but I wouldn’t mind spending for a quality product. Besides, a little goes a long way so a tube would last me for months. Also, rarely do I find a bb cream that works for my oily skin. I’ve experienced BB Creams that make my skin super oily in less than an hour! Of course, Bobbi Brown BB Cream can’t control oil completely. I still do touch ups, but I’m very satisfied in terms of the natural glow it gives. It’s not the greasy kind. Last, and most importantly, it looks like skin. I can’t vouch on the skin benefits when used continuously, as indicated in the product information, since I haven’t seen noticeable changes on my skin.

I recommend Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 PA+++ to those who are willing to spend for a BB cream that looks very natural, yet gives decent coverage.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 PA+++ in Light


when blended


To let you see the coverage of this lovely bb cream, I applied it on half of my face. The left part of my face has Bobbi Brown BB Cream only, while the right is my bare face. Notice how it can somehow conceal my under eye area and how my skin glows.


applied all over the face


with loose powder on top


Note that I didn’t use any concealer.

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