I spent my first summer getaway for 2015 with my Sample Room family. Last weekend, Sample Room ladies and us, partner bloggers, went to Tagaytay Wilson’s Place.


Remember our first summer getaway I shared HERE? So as expected, the place was decorated perfectly! Look, there were Belo UV umbrellas everywhere! Hehe! I’ve been wanting to get one. Aside from it’s super cute and dainty design, it’s UV protected to make sure we get ultimate protection against the sun’s harmful rays.



Obviously, the pool was very inviting. I was so ready to take a plunge that day! In fact, my swimsuits were ready the week before. Read: swimsuitS! Haha! I wanted to take photos of the new swimwears I got recently. Truly, luck wasn’t on my side since I got my period that morning – right before our bus left to Tagaytay!!! Huwaaat?! I know… I know! 🙁


Still, who wouldn’t enjoy when you’re welcomed with these?!?! I’m such a kid at heart! I munched on those cheese balls and Nerds right away! 😀

P.S. Sophie definitely has Calligraphy skills! She is sooo good!!! I really want to learn now. Haha!



The Sample Room team was so sweet to take good care of all of us! They got everything ready. They had Belo sunblocks to make sure we can enjoy the afternoon without having to worry about Mr. Sun. They even gave us washed Atlas towels so we can use them right away.


The food served to us by Wilson’s Place was also great! I can still imagine the fresh salad and Prawn Balls until now!!! Sorry, I was so hungry that I completely forgot to take photo. 🙁

After lunch, we all headed to the pool side to chill, swim, bond and eat, eat and eat! Some were busy taking underwater shots using GoPro cameras lent to us by Henry’s Professinal Cameras for the day. Everyone definitely had fun!



BIG BIG THANKS to our Sample Room family and all the sponsors for this fun afternoon! It was definitely a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


 BELO Sun Expert
Atlas Towels
Freshlook Contact Lenses
Henry’s Professional
Jean and Rosz
Nekkid Manila
SAC People

P.S. Sample Room has new and exciting stuff for 2015! Watch out for it! 😉

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