I started my week right as I had a makeover at the CHANEL counter in Rustan’s The Beauty Source Makati last Monday. CHANEL launched its Fall/Winter 2018 Collection and to walk me through the products, international makeup artist Cathy Xiao used them on me. Check out my makeover, some skin care and makeup tips, and the new CHANEL Falll/Winter 2018 Collection below.

Skin Prep

Skin preparation is one of the most neglected steps in makeup application. It’s not enough to have a clean face. It makes a lot of difference when we take time to apply our skin care. Well-hydrated skin is the key to have flawless makeup application. Makeup glides easily. It sits well on the skin, making your skin look super healthy. Also, it lasts longer. Take a look at Cathy’s skin prep steps…


These seem a lot for some, but the result pre and post makeup application is worth it. I promise!

First, she cleansed my face with a gentle eye makeup remover and Cleansing Water. I shared my reviews of Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil and Anti-Pollution Cleansing Milk-to-Oil as seen in THIS POST. The Cleansing Water she used on me is for those times you need to cleanse but you couldn’t rinse. I liked how my skin felt right after– no sticky-feel.


Cathy then proceeded with the Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence (know its use and my full review here – https://lushangel.com/2018/06/08/review-chanel-hydra-beauty-micro-liquid-essence/)

I really hate it when my makeup under the eye starts to get patchy. One way to avoid this is to make sure your eye area is well-hydrated. Cathy used Le Lift Flash Eye Revitalizer Patchs and let them stay for a few minutes. She also applied Le Lift Flash Eye Revitalizer Serum after. Make sure the product is fully absorbed by patting your ring finger around the eye area. Please don’t rub as the skin around the eyes is very sensitive– remember, friction can cause wrinkles!


The patchs are so refreshing, by the way! If I could use it every single day, I would!


This is one of my fave steps, Le Lift Levres Et Contours, a deep lip treatment that delivers a plumping effect while visibly smoothing and firming the lip contour and smile lines. She applied generously on my lips and left it for a few minutes. There was a slight tingling sensation, but when she removed it with cotton pad, WOW my lips were so soft and smooth! Those with dry lips, like me, would really appreciate this product. Cathy moisturized my lips with a balm afterwards.


To keep my face moisturized, she used Le Blanc Healthy Light Creator Oil, which is better absorbed when you use the Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence beforehand. The oil can be used on all skin types, by the way. Her last step is the Hydra Beauty Masque, which she left on my face for a few minutes then wiped it off with a cotton pad. It made my skin really supple and healthy-looking.


Makeup Application + CHANEL Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

After preparing the skin, let’s move on to makeup application. Cathy started with Le Blanc De Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base as primer.


For makeup that looks like skin, she used their newest makeup cushion, Vitalumiere Glow. It has medium coverage with satin finish. I immediately liked how light it felt and how it made my skin glow without looking oily or greasy.


She then used the Palette Essentielle from the Fall/Winter 2018 Collection. It’s a multi-purpose palette, which is perfect to bring everywhere for touch up or for travel. It has concealer, highlighter and blush– which can also be used as an eyeshadow or eyeshadow base. So yes, it’s one of my favorites since I’m always on-the-go!


For my eyes, she applied the Stylo Ombre Et Contour, another multi-purpose product that can be used as an eyeshadow, eyeliner or khol. It has a very creamy formula that glides easily. When used as an eyeshadow, you can even use your finger to blend it out. Since I have very oily lids though, I need a powder on top to let it last longer and to lessen smudges. This has always been my problem with creamy eye makeup.


Therefore, she used the Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow on top. The two shades (Quiet Revolution and Clair-Obscur) below are from the new collection too.


As a last touch to the look, CHANEL Fall/Winter 2018 Collection has a number of new lipstick shades– and all are matte! They have two lip products for this collection: Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur Mat and Rouge Allure Ink.

Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur Mat is an easy-to-apply matte lipstick in a crayon. I have yet to try it out so I’ll definitely do a review on its texture, comfort and wear soon. But I already love that it has twist-up retractable design– no need to sharpen!


Rouge Allure Ink is a long lasting liquid lipstick that glides smoothly on the lips and dries down matte. The velvet-like finish doesn’t make the lips look dry– or this could probably because of the Le Lift Levres Et Contours magic too. I’ll let you know in the coming weeks!


I was there for a makeover and of course, my nails should be dressed up as well. For this collection, all the nail colors are matte too!

The light reflected on my nails but that’s matte and it’s pretty!


And this is my happy face after my full makeover! I can’t wait to re-create this look.


CHANEL Fall/Winter 2018 Collection is now available here in the Philippines at Rustan’s The Beauty Source.

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