How to get beautiful underarms? A lot of ladies have been searching for answers to this question. First of all, what is “beautiful” underarms? Dove’s research suggests that aside from whiter and smoother skin, 58% of women said that they wanted a softer texture for their underarms. So, how can you get soft, smooth and white underarms? Here are some tips:

  • Hair removal. Waxing, shaving, and plucking underarm hair can irritate the sensitive skin, which leads to darkening. To avoid skin irritation, I strongly suggest getting an underarm hair removal. I’ve had mine done more than 10 years ago. It was quite pricey at that time, but no regrets! It saved me a lot of time because I don’t have to wax or pluck ever since I finished my laser sessions. Plus, it saved my skin from irritations due to shaving. Here are some of the laser hair removal I reviewed: Wink, Strip, and Flawless.
  • Avoid tight tops. Friction can cause skin irritation, which leads to rough and dark underarms. Clothes made of synthetic material can also result to skin darkening since it doesn’t allow air to pass through. Go for loose and soft tops instead.
  • Exfoliate. Removing dead skin and product residue can help smoothen, soften and whiten underarms. Gently exfoliate your underarms using a loofah.
  • Moisturize. We all know that we can get smooth and supple skin by nourishing it. The same goes with our underarms. Apply a gentle moisturizer before going to sleep to keep skin nourished.
  • Mild deodorant. Use a mild deodorant that can also soften, smoothen and whiten underarms. Recently, Dove launched their latest deodorant called Dove Powder Soft. It also has 1/4 moisturizing cream and whitening benefits, like the original variant (which I featured in a previous post – read more about it HERE). What makes Dove Powder Soft different? Aside from its feminine powdery scent because of the floral essences of freesia and peony, it magically makes the skin soft to touch – just like powder.


During the launch, I sprayed the aerosol on a small portion of my arm and I noticed the skin felt softer in an instant!


Dove Powder Soft promises whiter, smoother and softer underarms after 2 weeks of continued use.

How about you? Any underarm care tips you want to share?

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