Have you noticed anything lately? We’re starting to feel the summer heat, especially in the afternoon. Oooh… who’s excited?! I love going to the beach, so obviously, I am!!! 😀 In fact, I’ve been planning my beach trips as early as now! So, are you summer ready? More importantly, are you #DoveSummerReady?

Dove-deodorant-summer-ready-launch Recently, Dove threw a fun event to kick off the summer season.


And if you’re following me on Facebook (facebook.com/lushangelblog), Twitter (lush_angel), or Instagram (lush_angel), I shared a very exciting news. I, together with Kiana Valenciano, Sabs Hernandez, Saab Magalona, and Dani Barretto, was introduced as the newest ambassadors of Dove Deodorant. It’s truly an honor to be part of the Dove family! 😀


During the event, Dove showed how we can prepare for summer. There was a DIY station, where guests designed white tank tops. Well, it’s time to wear something light and fun during summer.


To keep us healthy and help us lose some pounds we gained during the Christmas season, we were taught how to mix and juice veggies and fruits at the Detox Pavilion.


And who wouldn’t want to have that toned summer body? There was a Yoga Pavilion where teacher Roanna of Beyond Yoga taught us a few poses. I made sure to try it out! 😀


Do you know that Yoga is actually a relaxing exercise? It’s not as intense as other workouts, yet it keeps the body fit and toned.

Oh and mind you, the poses may look simple but yoga needs a lot of concentration for balance and breathing. *wink*



Everyone was so game to join us! Yay! 😀

And last but not the least, they showed how Dove deodorant works. Whenever summer is fast approaching, we start preparing our summer wear and our beach bodies. We shop for clothes and beach wears. We exercise. We diet. We do all these preparations, but we usually forget something – our underarms.

According to Dove, 84% of women are unhappy with their underarms and 31% of them have admitted to skipping out on social activities due to underarm shame. But even though underarms are a major factor for women to enjoy their summer, it is often left out until the last minute.


First of  all, what causes dark underarms? Waxing, shaving, and plucking underarm hair can irritate the sensitive skin, which leads to darkening. But we can’t just leave our underarm hair! That would definitely result to underarm shame too. So, how can we avoid skin darkening? This is where Dove can help. Dove Deodorant has 1/4 moisturizing cream, which helps underarm skin recover fast from irritation, and darkening caused by hair removal, making the underarm skin whiter and smoother. Using Dove Deodorants regularly will help make the dark spots in the underarms go away even faster. We are all so busy preparing for summer, but we should not forget underarm care as well. If you start using Dove Deodorant now, you’ll notice lighter underarms in two weeks! Therefore, forget last minute underarm care so you can fully enjoy summer and throw your hands up in the air! 😉


Here are more photos during the #DoveSummerReady event






To fully enjoy this most awaited season, Dove is giving all girls a chance to win sleeveless tops, or a trip for three to El Nido, Palawan. Joining is easy: just purchase a Dove Summer-Ready Box and text DOVE DEO <space> PROMO CODE to 2600. Winners will be announced weekly through the Dove Philippines Facebook page (facebook.com/doveph).

Dove’s Summer-Ready Box is available in major supermarkets and retail stores nationwide for the price of your regular Dove roll on (P89) or aerosol (P175). The Summer-Ready Box contains your favorite Dove aerosol or roll on in Original or Ultimate White, along with a FREE summer bag! Dove’s Summer-Ready promo will run until April 20, 2015


As I always say, Dove has a special place in my heart. The brand has opened a lot of opportunities for me in and out of the country. It led me to believe in myself and be confident. It also allowed me to discover what I’m capable of. It’s just amazing how one brand actually changed my life. I’ve always been and will forever be a Dove girl! 😀


BIG THANKS to Unilever and Dove for always trusting me! 😀

Photo credits: Kelly Misa, Ana Gonzales, Ryan Ong

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