Summer is about to end here in Manila, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop using sunblock. Do you know that it’s the best anti-aging product you can use on your face and body? But I know, the search for the best sunblock in the market is never ending. If you’re planning to swim or hike anytime soon and you need an effective product for your face, here’s a suggestion. Read on my Shiseido WetForce Perfect UV Protector SPF 50 Review below.


Shiseido WetForce Perfect UV Protector SPF 50 Product Information

The newly developed WetForce technology emerged as the innovation that, when exposed or perspiration, makes the sunscreen film more uniform and smooth, enhancing its UV protection effect on the skin.

The new protector is sunscreen formulated with stabilized form of Ionic Mineral Sensor, which contains negative ions. They bond powerfully with minerals in water and perspiration to create a highly water-repellant layer.

Shiseido’s exclusive SuperVeil-UV 360™ technology now gets more power with water. So you can swim, play and enjoy the outdoors, knowing WetForce loves water like you do.


I love Shiseido WetForce Perfect UV Protector SPF 50 because…

  • it comes in a handy and slim packaging. It’s easy to slip inside your toiletry kit.


  • it’s lightweight and non-sticky.
  • it’s easily absorbed by the skin.
  • it can withstand humid weather.
  • it has a runny texture, which is smooth to apply.


  • it doesn’t leave a white cast – IF applied correctly. (See tips below)

transparent on skin when blended


  • it doesn’t make my skin look and feel oily or greasy.
  • it works well with makeup on top.
  • it’s water resistant and perspiration-resistant. In fact, it even works better when exposed to water or perspiration!
  • it really works! I tried to do island hopping the entire afternoon. I was out in the sun the whole time. My arms and legs got burnt, except my face. Note that I do reapplication from time to time.

I wish Shiseido WetForce Perfect UV Protector SPF 50

  • is cheaper. Price is quite steep at PHP 2,100 (about USD 46) for 50ml.
  • comes in a transparent bottle to easily know if I’m running out of product.

Tips on Shiseido WetForce Perfect UV Protector SPF 50

  • Shake well before use.
  • Make sure to re-apply sunblock after towel-drying skin.
  • Do not over-apply. Start with small amount and add if necessary. Too much of the product can leave a white cast.
  • Blend evenly.
  • Apply sunblock a few minutes before sun exposure.

Shiseido WetForce Perfect UV Protector SPF 50 Verdict

Shiseido WetForce Perfect UV Protector SPF 50 might be expensive for a sunblock, but it really works! I’m very impressed. It’s perfect for me since it doesn’t make my skin extra oily. I don’t break out. It even works better when exposed to water or perspiration. If you have money to spare, I highly recommend this sunblock!

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