I have heard a lot of good reviews about Leaders masks. So when I saw this Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Mask being sold at Tony Moly, I immediately got it. Look…with this kind of packaging, who wouldn’t?


Is this some kind of science experiment? With its unique plastic test tube-like packaging and “test tube rack”, who wouldn’t get curious, right?

Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Mask Product Information

There are 4 kinds of Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Masks to target different skin concerns: Aquaringer (for intensive moisturizing), Mela-tox (for intensive whitening), Wrinkle-tox (for intensive lifting), and Snail Therapy (for intensive soothing).

I got the Leaders Insolution Wrinkle-tox First Ampoule Mask, an anti-wrinkle mask for improving the skin elasticity, wrinkles and density.


Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Mask Review

I would admit, the packaging made me really curious. But after I used one tube, I realized its potential problem to the environment. I really hope users would be responsible in properly disposing these plastics. Let’s all recycle these plastics, please!!!


Here’s how it looks when the tube is opened…


The mask sheet is rolled on a stick. To remove the mask, unroll it and gently remove the stick.


The essence is quite thick so I did not experience any spillage while unrolling the mask. I did not expect though that due to this kind of packaging, some parts of the sheet are not as soaked as the other parts. A good amount of essence was left in the tube so I used this to apply on the drier areas of the mask sheet. I’ll expound more on my tips below.

Another problem with this kind of packaging is that I can’t get all of the essence out of the tube. Since it’s quite thick, it takes a while for it to drip and most of it are stuck on the walls of the tube.

The texture of the sheet is not as smooth, similar to a paper towel. I still prefer gel or bio cellulose masks, but this has medium thickness which does not tear up easily. The sheet has a good size and shape. It can cover my entire face with a little excess. And for those who are sensitive to fragrance, good news as this mask is scentless.


After 30 minutes, I removed the mask. My skin is left moisturized, but a bit sticky — which isn’t really bothersome for me since I always apply my mask before I go to sleep. Those with oily skin might find the essence a bit too heavy though.

Tips on Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Mask

  • Use Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Mask AFTER toner, serums, and essences (if you use) and BEFORE your creams or lotions.
  • Open the cap of the tube and gently pull out the handle of the stick. Unroll the mask first and carefully remove the stick.
  • Put on mask over your face and add leftover essence in the tube onto the drier areas of the mask sheet.
  • Wait for about 30 minutes before removing the mask sheet.
  • If you have more essence left, massage it on your neck and face.
  • Let the product absorb into your skin before layering your creams or lotions.
  • Dispose test tube packaging in your recyclables.

Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Mask Verdict

Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Mask is definitely moisturizing, but I did not see any other visible results (such as brightening, soothing, etc.) Although the unique test tube-like container can really catch anybody’s attention, I realized the foil packaging is more practical. Also, a box with 6 test tubes costs PHP 1,798, which is a little more expensive than other individually packed Leaders masks. It is still worth a try for those who are looking for a moisturizing and scentless mask. As for me, I think I would love to try other masks from the brand.

In the Philippines, Leaders stores are located in Lucky Chinatown Mall and  Festival Mall. Also, Leaders products are also available in Tony Moly stores.

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