I previously shared some of the places I visited during my last trip to Korea and here is the continuation. I will link all my other Korea posts at the end of this article. So, what else can you do in the city of Seoul? Here are some suggestions!


Seoul Tower

First stop is the famous Seoul landmark, the Namsan Seoul Tower. It’s not just a plain viewing deck. Some attractions include multi-colored digital art projected onto the tower at night, a digital observatory, a roof terrace, and restaurants. Since Namsan Seoul Tower is on top of Namsan mountain, you can also unwind and stroll around the park.


And in case you haven’t heard, the “Locks of Love”, located at the Roof Terrace, can be also be found here. So lovebirds, don’t forget to bring your padlocks!


You can opt to hike (about 20-30 minutes), take the cable car, or ride a bus to get to the top of Namsan Mountain, where the Seoul Tower is. Of course, there is a fee for the last two options.


There is also a fee to go up the Seoul Tower, but other viewing decks, the park, and the Locks of Love are free.


Seoul Dog Cafe

If you are a dog lover, you must not miss Bau House Dog Cafe! Entrance is free, but you must purchase a drink, which is quite pricey (roughly around USD 8 per drink). It doesn’t matter though since we want all the dogs to have good health and to be well fed, right?


The moment I entered the cafe, cute small dogs rushed to me.


The cafe is divided into 2 sections: small dogs and large dogs. In both sections, you can see various breeds of dogs – and they are all so cuddly and friendly!


You can even sit on the couch with them. You can also buy treats for them, just be ready as they will crowd all over you — more of, somebody must be ready with your camera!


Of course, expect it to be a little stinky since they pee all over the place — even on the couches. LOL!



Seoul Night Market + Nightlife

A visit to Seoul will not be complete without going to at least one night market. This is my second time in Korea and for both visits, I visited Myeongdong. It is most popular among tourists because it is where the two giant shopping centers (Lotte and Shinsegae) are located. Also, this is where you can shop for clothes, accessories, and cosmetics!


If you love Korean skincare and makeup, this place is heaven!!!


Aside from night markets, you can try to experience Seoul’s nightlife. One area we went to is Hongdae, where the huge clubs are located. On a Friday or Saturday, expect long lines outside the clubs!

Korean Food

Of course, after all the walking, good food is a must! Honestly, I did not research about the recommended restaurants around Seoul. I ate whenever I felt hungry or saw something interesting. I say, you can never go wrong with Korean food! From affordable hole in the wall to fancy restaurants I tried during my entire trip, they all did not disappoint.



Try the Korean street food in Myeongdong. Stalls start to open around 5pm. There are a lot of choices! I spent one dinner time in that area trying different kinds of food — steak cubes, baked scallops, grilled squid, etc.


Don’t forget the Korean fried chicken. I can’t remember the name of this restaurant. It’s just a very small place at a building basement but it’s the best Korean chicken I’ve tried to date! Didn’t I tell you to try hole in the wall restaurants? 😉



Of course, you can’t miss Korean bbq. This one is just a random restaurant in Gangnam area.


Now, I’m hungry!

‘Til my next trip to Korea! I will definitely be back. I’m sharing my whole itinerary in my next post.


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