Have you ever feared going to a non-airconditioned event because your makeup might melt? C’mon, don’t tell me I’m the only vain person here! It used to be my problem when I was still clueless about makeup. Whenever my mom would tell me we had to attend an outdoor wedding, the things that would come to my mind: “it’s hot” and “my makeup would melt by the end of the day”. I may just be a “kid” back then, but the thought of smearing makeup in a formal event with all the photo sessions around… QUE HORROR!!! Thankfully, the advancements in cosmetics made melting, or even smudging makeup, problems of yesterday. Check out Cinema Secrets Super Sealer!


What can Cinema Secrets Super Sealer do?

  • You can use it prior to makeup application as anti-perspirant for high-heat, high-humidity, or industrial- lighting environments.
  • You can use it over your makeup to protect against elements, to eliminate shine and to prevent smudging.
  • It can also prevent rub-off on clothing.
  • It can create sealing formula by using it in place of water with water-soluble foundations.


The professional way to seal makeup for freshness and durability, Super Sealer holds creams and powders in place and provides a protective shield against external moisture and environmental elements.

When used prior to makeup application, Super Sealer acts as a sweat and internal moisture inhibitor, making it ideal for humid climates and heavy production requirements. The matte formula eliminates shine and prevents makeup from smudging onto clothing or other surfaces. It also is used as a non-drying thinner of water-soluble foundations.

How to use Cinema Secrets Super Sealer?

To use as a sweat inhibitor, mist skin with a couple of light coats before applying primer, moisturizer or foundation. To seal makeup designs, spray a light mist over entire face. Allow about a minute to dry, and repeat if necessary. Remove with cleanser and water.

What’s the good news?

I, together with Cinema Secrets Philippines, would like to let you try this amazing product! One lucky reader gets to take home a 2oz. bottle of Cinema Secrets Super Sealer.

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