Brows can make or break a look. They frame the face, therefore it’s always important to have nice, well-groomed brows. Well, Majolica Majorca has prepared everything you need in one pouch. They’re currently featuring their WOW Brows Kit, which includes tweezers, Brow Customize, Brow and Lash Colorist, and a free eyebrow grooming- all for PHP 899!


WOW Brows is a promotional kit, but they also sell the Brow Customize and Brow and Lash Colorist separately.


Here’s a quick eyebrow tutorial on how I do my brow makeup using the WOW Brows Kit.

I kinda have full brows already. All I do is just fill in some gaps and color my brows to match my hair color.

Left: natural brow; Right: with Brow Customize and Brow and Lash Colorist


1. After tweezing the stray hairs, I use Brow Customize to fill in the gaps starting from the inner corner. With a light hand, draw small check marks for a natural look. Just follow the natural shape of your brows. Remember, drawing long straight lines can look unnatural.

2. Using the brow spoolie on the other end of Brow Customize, I brush my brows to blend in the color.


3. Using Brow and Lash Colorist, I first brush the spoolie in the opposite direction of the hair growth to get an even coat. Just to give you an idea on how it looks if I don’t do this step, look at my right brow. I intentionally skipped this step and simply brushed the spoolie in the direction of my hair growth. The brown tint is not that even. You can still see some black strands.


4. Now, get more product from the tube and brush the spoolie in the direction of the hair growth.


5. Using the brow spoolie of Brow Customize, lighten the inner corners to make it look more natural. Remember, the inner corner of the brow should have that fading effect.


That’s about it! It’s a quick and easy eyebrow tutorial that you can use for everyday. 😀

Majolica Majorca is also holding a contest. You might just win PHP 10,000 worth of Majolica Majorca products! 😀


To avail of Majolica Majorca WOW Brows Kit promo, see schedule below:

October 10-16:

Nationwide Sale for Brow Customize Holder + Brow Customize + Brow & Lash Colorist = PHP 899
SM Makati WOW Brows Animation: WOW Brows Kit with free tweezer and eyebrow grooming for PHP 899

November 21-27:

Nationwide Sale for Brow Customize Holder + Brow Customize + Brow & Lash Colorist = PHP 899
SM Megamall WOW brows! Animation:WOW Brows Kit with free tweezer and eyebrow grooming for PHP 899

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