Summer is here so I thought of sharing a review of this sun cream that I have been using for more than a month now. But hey, don’t get me wrong! Sunblock application is a must EVERYDAY, no matter what season it is and even if you’re just staying indoors. It should be part of your day skincare routine, which is also why I love trying out sunblocks.

Here is a sun cream for everyday use from Esfolio. I’m relatively new to the brand. For those who are not aware, Esfolio is a Korean beauty brand founded in 2011. Their products are made with natural ingredients.

If you are looking for an affordable everday sunblock, here is my Esfolio Berry Mix Sun Cream Review. This might be the one for you.


Esfolio Berry Mix Sun Cream Product Information

Protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun with the anti-aging properties of different varieties of berry extract!

This sun cream helps in making your skin protected at the same time be nourished with the fresh extracts from Cranberry; Raspberry; Strawberry, Blackberry, Acai Berry, and Blueberry. It also keeps your skin more firm with its anti-wrinkle ingredients!

Effects: Sun protection with anti-aging effects


Pros: Esfolio Berry Mix Sun Cream

  • It is SPF 50+/PA+++
  • It smells so good (fruity scent). This can be a con to those who are allergic to scented products.
  • It does not feel heavy.
  • It is good for all skin types.
  • It is affordable at PHP 549 50g.
  • It does not leave a white cast.

Cons: Esfolio Berry Mix Sun Cream

  • It can feel a bit sticky at first but this disappears as soon as the product gets fully absorbed.

Tips on Esfolio Berry Mix Sun Cream

  • Sunblock application should be the last step of your day skincare routine.
  • Apply sunblock even if you are just staying indoors.
  • Apply evenly on your face and neck.
  • Before putting on makeup, make sure that the sunblock has been fully absorbed by the skin.
  • If any irritations or allergic reactions occur, stop using immediately.

Esfolio Berry Mix Sun Cream Verdict

Since Esfolio Berry Mix Sun Cream has cream formula, it is not extremely light as gel or water-based sunblocks. It is definitely not heavy for a cream product though, which surprised me. I have oily skin and I love using this sunblock. It takes awhile to be fully absorbed by my skin but once it does, it does not feel sticky or greasy. Esfolio Berry Mix Sun Cream can work on oily, combination or dry skin. But I would still recommend water-based or gel sunblock to those with very oily skin.

Esfolio Berry Mix Sun Cream


Esfolio Berry Mix Sun Cream becomes invisible once fully absorbed by the skin


Esfolio is available online with free shipping worth PHP 1,000 above. For list of stores, you can check it out here:

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