You’re getting bored with your hair. You can’t decide what to do next. You want a new look that will give that “UMPH” to your hair. Well, I’m here to the rescue! Coming from someone who gets bored with hair easily, as seen in my series of hair transformations for the past months, let me give some hair suggestions. 🙂


Of course, there’s always that haircut option. If you’re scared to go short, layer it! Just make sure you have a really good hair stylist. Remember, wrong layers will make your hair unmanageable.

There’s also that perm or rebond option. If you have straight hair, why not go for permanent curls? If you’re tired of your kinky hair, you can always have it straightened. I used to love getting a rebond, until I discovered Brazilian Blowout. I don’t have curly hair in the first place. I still want the volume, minus the frizz, which Brazilian Blowout can give. More about my review of Brazilian Blowout in THIS POST.


Last but not the least, why not color your hair?! The next question would be, what color? I would personally suggest to go for highlights, than just a full head color. If you want that “UMPH”, highlights can surely give that “UMPH”. It brings sexiness and adds dimension to the hair. This is my current hair color done by Fred Penales of Hairshaft.




Prior to this hair color, I went for statement highlights. Fred’s peg was Miranda Kerr’s hair, which he definitely nailed it! Blonde can be very tricky. I love the blonde shade he applied on me. It doesn’t look like rust or corn. Hehe!


If you have dry hair, go for darker colors. Hair can look drier if you have light hair.



The first time I visited Fred Penales again after several years, this was the hair color he did. My hair was quite dry at that time so he sticked with darker tones and avoided blondes. Look how my hair appeared to be healthy and shiny. Fred gave me different brown and red tones.




Another statement look done by Fred on my fellow blogger friend, Sarah, is this fire red ombre.


She really has short hair, but for instant “UMPH”, hair extensions is the way to go! 😀


If you’re following me on Instagram (lush_angel), you’ve probably seen how proud I am to be #FREDIFIED! He is the man when it comes to hair! A lot of my friends had their hair done by Fred and not one was disappointed. I love how he can reinvent my look every now and then without damaging my hair. Most especially, I love how he can give “UMPH” to my hair, which is very important to me. Fred understands ladies like me who easily get bored with their hair. Thank God he’s always there to the rescue! 😀 Thanks Fred and to the entire Hairshaft Podium team for always making me feel and look gorgeous! 😀


Full head hair color at Hairshaft is priced at PHP 1,590 (short), PHP 1,990 (medium), and PHP 2,490 + (long). Foil highlights at Hairshaft starts at PHP 1,650 (short, 1 color) to about PHP 3,840 + (long, 3 colors).

Hairshaft is at Podium, Fort, and Robinsons Ermita. If you want to book Fred Penales, you can reach him through 09176283906. You can call, text or Viber him. He’s usually in Fort branch in the morning and Podium branch in the afternoon. Follow him on Instagram (@HairshaftFred) to see his works.

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