Some people believe that natural beauty is better than wearing makeup and that staying away from chemicals found in those compacts is healthier. I wouldn’t want to contest that since I believe it could be true. BUT… a big BUT… I still think that makeup really does a lot of good (or probably excellent) work when it comes to looks. That’s the reason why natural-look makeup is becoming a favorite of a lot of people and mineral makeup is also growing popularity. Since makeup greatly enhances the look of a person, I classify wearing makeup as a need to look presentable at all times. I know not everyone would agree on me on that. That’s just my opinion. I guess this is how I was brought up. My mom sees makeup as a necessity. She never leaves the house without makeup on. Seeing that as I grew up influenced me a lot. And now that Bobbi Brown came up with a makeup manual, I really think it’s a must-have for me, or probably gals like me!

bobbi brown makeup manual

I have been longing to get makeup lessons. Time wouldn’t just allow me. Just imagine my joy when I learned about this Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual! I know I’m kinda late since this book has been published about a month ago. I have yet to look for it in bookstores but Amazon is already selling this Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual for $21.12.

So why am I overly excited about this book? Well, it is always good to know the basics right? And as a makeup enthusiast, I’d love to hear the basics from an expert. Bobbi has more than 25 years of experience as a makeup artist. Aside from this, Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual includes the ten steps to perfect makeup, which would show how to apply makeup in just a matter of minutes. Oh, and who wouldn’t get excited with a makeup guide that says “For Everyone from Beginner to Pro”?! 🙂

From Bobbi Brown website:

This is the book that all women have been waiting for-Bobbi’s twenty-five-plus years of makeup artist experience distilled into one complete volume. With over 200 full-color photos and step-by-step instructions including a “Ten Step Guide to Perfect Makeup” that teaches you how to apply your makeup in ten minutes or less, this book shows you how to put on makeup like a pro.

Packed with all the tricks of the trade, Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual also offers a unique guide for aspiring makeup artists: how to break into the business, put together a portfolio, book work, and work with photographers, magazine editors, fashion designers, and celebrities. Together with its breathtaking photos-from everyday beauty to runway style-and advice on getting the look you want, this is your ultimate guide to makeup. (Hardcover, 221 pages)