Black, brown, flesh, and white are the most common eyeliner shades we use to rim the lower waterline. Well, I rarely line my lower waterline because it doesn’t last that long on me. Recently though, it has been part of my everyday makeup. And what makes it extra ordinary is that I use a gel eyeliner in Peppermint (mint green). Some of you might be raising an eyebrow already and saying this, “What?! A Mint Green eyeliner on your waterline as an everyday makeup?” Okay, let me explain why and show you the difference below. Read on.


I’m using nude/flesh-toned eyeliner on my lower waterline here. No doubt, I look fresh and it brightens my eyes instantly. White or flesh eyeliner is commonly used to rim the lower waterline to give the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes. Flesh is perfect in photos, but it somehow looks “washed out” in person especially if you have fair skin. We don’t have perfect white eyeballs, so using white eyeliner can make eyes look more yellow and tired. This led Happy Skin founders, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo and Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez, to launch Peppermint gel eyeliner, together with the other colors of Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay 24h Gel Pencil Auto Eyeliner in Perfect Black and Chic Brown.

Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay 24h Gel Pencil Auto Eyeliner has twist-up packaging, therefore there is no need to sharpen! 😀 It’s a gel eyeliner in pencil form, which is perfect for travel. No need to bring your gel liner pots and a separate brush for application! 😀


I tried the Peppermint shade on my lower waterline and surprisingly, it lasted for hours! Rarely can you find a pencil that could last on your waterline for several hours. Although, I noticed it fading towards the end of the day, it’s not so bad that you have to keep on reapplying. Of course, if you want the mint green color to pop, you can do the reapplication by midday. What I love about this liner too is it applies evenly and smoothly on the waterline.


Now, why would Peppermint/ Mint Green shade work well on tired-looking eyes? It works like your correctors. When you use a green corrector on a pimple that’s about to burst, it cancels out the redness. Same applies to your tired and red waterline. If you rim it using a greenish shade of liner, then it can cancel out redness! Say goodbye to tired-looking eyes, and say hello to freshness! 😀


Let me show you two photos of me wearing flesh and peppermint eyeliners on my lower waterline.

flesh eyeliner


peppermint eyeliner


Now, do you notice anything different? I do! The peppermint eyeliner brings out that sparkle in my eyes. It gives instant glow on my face. This is why Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay in Peppermint has become a staple in my everyday makeup. I just can’t leave the house without it. 😀


Happy Skin is currently available at Rustan’s Makati and Rustan’s Shangri-la, Beauty Bar, and Plains & Prints boutiques. for complete store listings and more product info. Follow @happyskin_ph on Instagram and Twitter. You can also buy Happy Skin online via

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