I took a morning flight to Tokyo so I arrived about lunch time in the busy city. I just dropped off my luggage at the hotel and off I went to look for a good ramen place. Then, I headed straight to Odaiba, a man made island in Tokyo Bay, since I wasn’t able to go here during my last visit in this city. Basically, my airplane outfit became a whole day outfit. Haha! So, here’s a simple look I put together.


Airplane outfit must always be comfortable. Most of the time, I wear long bottoms such as leggings, loose pants, skirts, etc. to keep me warm the entire flight. I went for romper this time since it was a short and direct flight anyway. I had a cardigan with me inside the plane and my scarf to cover my legs in case I get cold. When I was going around Tokyo, I just used my scarf as an accessory, as seen in the photos.


As I previously mentioned in my Ni Qua: Simple and Classy post, I brought my Ni Qua croc leather bag with me during the trip. This is where I tested its durability! Hehe! Aside from its usefulness during the entire trip (since it was like my cary-all tote), it was a nice pop of color in this black ensemble.


Whenever I travel, I definitely leave my heels behind. Although it would look great in photos, I’m being practical. 😀 I can’t wear heels when I need to do long walks the whole day. I’m a serious traveler. I don’t waste so much time lounging. Hehe!


The huge Gundam, which is even taller than the buildings, can also be seen in Odaiba. Although I’m not a fan of Gundam, I might as well take a picture with him. Haha! 😀


Of course, never ever travel without your sunnies! You don’t wanna keep on squinting just to see the beautiful sceneries. Remember, squinting is equal to wrinkles!!!


I love fashion as much as I love travelling. For me, I can make the most out of my travel when I wear the most comfortable clothes. You can have killer shoes, but you have to keep on taking breaks to rest your feet. You’re wearing your gorgeous tight-fitting dress, but you can’t eat much of the country’s delicacies. Oh dear, you’re missing a lot! I’m not saying to roam around in your pajamas. Remember, there’s always a way to travel in style without sacrificing comfort. 😀



So, are you up to travel in style in your next destination? 😉


Romper: Cotton On
Scarf: H&M
Sandals: Eazy Fashion
Bag: Ni-Qua
Watch: G-Shock
Sunnies: Prada

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