I believe I mentioned a couple of times how much I love London. I call it “my second home”! Haha! Every time I go back to this city, I fall in love with it even more. Well, who wouldn’t…


As they say, “A man tired of London is tired of life.” Having the chance to live here for a few months and to go back and forth for vacation, this city simply brings back good memories. So just imagine my excitement when I saw the not-so-big Big Ben and the famous red London tourist bus at Henry London’s launch! Yup, anything that reminds me of “London” send shivers down my spine! 😀


Henry London watches express the very essence of London. In fact, the watch collections are aptly named after the iconic locations in London, playing on the brand’s British origin. Now that explains why it was like “love at first sight” for me. Haha! But of course, more than the names, Henry London watches epitomize the constant reinvention of one of the world’s most exciting cities, taking something timeless and iconic and re-inventing it for the 21st century. In other words, the watches are classic, at the same time, modern – my kind of thing.

The launch of the HIGHGATE Collection was inspired by the very first watch from the 1965 era (yup, you read that right! 1965!) that was bought in 2014 in a market stall in Notting Hill. This particular watch gave birth to Henry London. The resemblance in the design exemplifies the origin and heritage of the brand. So to all vintage watch lovers, you gotta check this out!


Henry London kept that “vintage feel”, such as the dome glass, while adding contemporary details, striking colour palette, and a choice of leather straps in heritage hues or Milanese mesh bracelets, perfect for that tailored look.


Aside from the various colors of the faces, the mesh bracelets come in gold and rose gold. Also, all watches come in 4 sizes – let me name them small, junior, large, and oversized. They practically have everything for the titas of manila, to the edgy, to the urban, to the stylish, etc. I honestly had a hard time picking my favorites. There’s just so much and I was quite overwhelmed when I first saw the collection. I got even more excited when I tried them on. They’re super light and thin! Anyway, I’ll stop right here and l’ll let the photos do the talking…


By the way, here’s another exciting news! Henry London gives you an opportunity to personalize your chosen watch! How? They offer engraving services in selected branches for FREE when you buy a watch! You can put your initials, nickname, memorable dates, or even a private message!


So, what are your picks? Find your expression and wear London your way!


Henry London watches are available here in the Philippines at SWISSGEAR Boutiques, WRISTPOD Boutiques, Landmark Department Stores and selected Robinson’s Department Stores. Price range is PHP 8,000- PHP 13,000. For more information, visit www.henry-london.com

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