October 10 is National Handbag Day. It was started by purse blog and now, bag lovers all over the world celebrate this day. So just before my day ended yesterday, I greeted my fellow bag lovers “Happy National Handbag Day!” on my Instagram account (@lush_angel). Bag aficionados posted photos of their babies on social media with the hashtag #NationalHandbagDay. Some may not understand, but there are actually a lot of ladies and gents who are baghags. 😀 Here’s the photo I shared to celebrate this special day…


It wasn’t my intention but this baby came right on time. Hehe! It’s my super belated birthday gift to myself. I’ve been thinking of getting a Givenchy for quite some time, but the Celine Micro Luggage came early this year. I tried to control my urge to get a Nightingale since I now prioritize my travels. But just last week, this came in and I couldn’t resist anymore. 🙁 Well, no regrets. I’m extremely happy with my purchase. I promise this will be the last until the year ends. Hihi! 😀 Anyway, more photos soon! Happy weekend! 😀

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