My quest for boyfriend jeans and silver Birkenstock is over!!! FINALLY! Where? How? Read on!


For months now, I’ve been searching for THE perfect boyfriend jeans. I probably went to all malls and shops in the metro and their smallest size couldn’t fit me! Ugh! My desperation almost led to D.I.Y. and for those who know me well, I’m not a fan of D.I.Y. projects. I don’t have anything against it, of course. I’m just not good at it. I feel I’m wasting a lot of time trying to D.I.Y., so I’d rather buy if it’s available. Also, I couldn’t find an old tapered loose jeans. I was trying to sew and taper one of my old jeans. I was actually successful in doing that. But just before I started ripping some parts of the denim, I thought I might be able to find THE perfect boyfriend jeans in Hong Kong. I’d rather save the denim and just continue with the project IF I don’t find any during my vacation. Luckily, I found THE perfect boyfriend jeans! No need to D.I.Y.! Woot! LOL! (Now, you could probably sense how bad my D.I.Y. skills are. Haha!)


So, the next question is where did I get it? I found it at Cotton On Hong Kong. I’m not so sure if it’s already available in the Philippines. They actually have various styles of boyfriend jeans. There’s Sexy Boyfriend Jeans (slim distressed denim) and X-Boyfriend Jeans (loose tapered denim). Of course, I went for the real thing – loose, tapered jeans. And darn, I’ve been wearing it since I bought it! It’s perfect for lazy dressing. Since it’s light, loose and very casual, it’s the comfiest ever! LOL! 😀


If you think about “loose distressed jeans”, it can sound lousy right? So for this look, I paired it with a dressy top.


Well, if I’m going somewhere important in this jeans, I’d wear heels. Since I was just going around the mall that day, I wore my comfy Birkenstock. I’ve been a fan of Birkenstock as seen in my OOTDs HERE and HERE. And I’m just so giddy that I found my silver Gizeh Birks! 😀






Oooh, and I finally found a Herbag in lighter leather and neutral canvas! Yay to that!!! 😀 Something I’ve been looking for quite a while too! 😉




I know not everyone’s a fan of boyfriend jeans, but I hope this look changes your mind. Haha! I swear, they’re the comfiest jeans ever. In fact, I really hope it will never ever go out of style anymore!!! 😀


Top: River Island
Pants: Cotton On
Sandals: Birkenstock Gizeh
Bag: Hermes Herbag
Watch: Marc Coblen
Necklace: Tiffany & Co.
Earrings: Philippe Charriol

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