Back in college, I took up a subject called Fashion Merchandising. Well, anything about Fashion and Beauty, I’m sure to have fun. This is why I pursued my makeup career. With my styling gigs on the side though, I’ve been pondering on going to a fashion school as well. It has long been a dream, actually. Well, for those who have been wanting to go to a fashion school like me, here’s a good news from SoFA (School of Fashion & the Arts).

SoFA is making it happen for two individuals to experience the DREAM.
THE DREAM: Become a SoFA student for ONE WEEK and TAKE as many classes as you can.



1. Like the SoFA fanpage.
2. Go to our Make it Happen album in the SoFA fanpage:
3. Tag yourself in the PROGRAM POSTER of CHOICE.
4. Comment the battle cry, “SoFA, make it happen!” in the comment box and let us know why you deserve to be a SoFA student for a week.

The top two winners will experience the DREAM for ONE WEEK and take as MANY CLASSES as they can under their tagged PROGRAM POSTER of CHOICE.