F&C Jewelry recently opened their 50th store at the 2nd level of SM Makati. They also launched their latest campaign, Create Your Own Story, which encourages customers to immortalize memories by owning inspiring pieces that last forever.


Like your first pair of diamond earrings on your 18th birthday, the gem stone ring you gifted yourself on graduation, or the dazzling engagement ring from your fiance – The most memorable pieces of jewelry are not simply valuable because of the carats or the rarity of the gems used in the design. Beyond the precious stones and craftsmanship, a piece of jewelry becomes remarkable because of the memories and emotions that come with it.

“My mother and father, even our grandmother who started it all for the family; have always believed that what makes jewelry so special are the stories they tell. Each piece has meaning, emotion and a story behind it. In as much as these jewelry pieces have significance in each of our lives, we want to share these experiences and help people create their own stories with F&C,” says Marjorie Florente with her sister Marissa Florete Gorriceta.


During the launch, I took some photos of the jewelries available at SM Makati. They have various charms, pendants, designs, precious stones and diamonds to choose from. Honestly, I couldn’t make up my mind on what to get for myself. Personally, I love wearing jewelries more than trendy accessories. A classic piece can make the look elegant in an instant. Plus, it lasts for a lifetime. It’s something that can be passed on to generations.


“At F&C, we take great efforts to fuse together quality gems and precious metals to create exemplary pieces that have timeless appeal. We commit to good quality and create innovative designs that will be relevant for future generations to come. All of these heirloom pieces, which may be passed on from one generation to the next, celebrate beauty and romance; all sound pieces and valuable touchstones that last a lifetime,” shares Marissa, adding that F&C’s designs are limitless, as they are timeless.


Marissa further adds; “When people speak about jewelry the first thing people think about is the price. What sets us apart is that in our desire to provide Filipinos a chance at a wearable investment like jewelry, we have made it a point to offer affordable-luxury pieces aside from the very expensive ones in our stores. In this way, more and more Filipinos are given the chance to create their own stories as well.”


I like necklaces with small pendants, especially for everyday wear.







Pearls always add an element of elegance.



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F&C Jewelry is available in all SM Department Stores nationwide and at the new Glorietta Mall. Visit www.fncjewelry.com to know more about their latest designs.

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