I have two dogs, Tommy (a Mini Schnauzer) and Dolce (a Shih Tzu). If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@lush_angel), you’ve probably seen them. I also mentioned in some of my posts what my baby Dolce has been going through for the past three weeks. He has Canine Distemper, a deadly virus that affects dogs and has no known cure yet. This is also the reason why I haven’t been so active updating the blog for the past weeks. Aside from my busy schedule, I’m nursing him, hoping that my TLC could help him fight the disease. I don’t get much sleep since he cries loudly at night. I try to comfort him until he falls back to sleep. Sometimes, I even cry with him because I can feel his struggle. I also have to feed and give him water every now and then. I need to make sure I give all his medicines on time. I only get 4 hours of sleep at the most every day. Although my body wants to rest, my heart and my mind are with Dolce. I see how much he tries to fight, therefore I’m not giving up on him. This is how much I love my dogs. They are not just my pets. They are part of the family.

Everyone, meet Tommy…


and here’s Dolce…


This is why when Chevrolet invited me for a Pet Day event, I knew I had to go even if I badly needed rest. I wanted to understand my dogs more and I’m glad I went. Chevrolet, in partnership with Better Dog Canine Behavior Center, gathered dog lovers in an intimate event called Travel Tails at Chevrolet Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati.

Friends from Better Dog gave some tips to better understand our best friends. Sharing some of them here for all the dog lovers out there.

  • It’s a world full of knees for the dogs. There is a huge difference between what you see and what the dog sees. So, don’t get mad if your dog doesn’t understand you.
  • Dogs try to understand the world around him. Since they don’t have hands, they chew on the things they see.
  • Dogs see the world through their noses. Their sense of smell makes them special. For example, a dog can smell the food that fell on a specific spot even if it happened 3 days ago. He can smell if there’s another dog a few meters away even if he doesn’t see him. He can also smell fear when you’re afraid.
  • Feed him with high quality meat. I’m very particular with the kind of dog food I feed my dogs. Do you know that low-end and cheap dog food has animal bi-products that are not healthy parts of the meat.
  • Be the leader of your dog. Only one person should do everything for him – feed, walk, play, etc. Usually in a household, we’re all used to divide the responsibility among family members. And I’m guilty of this! I just learned that only one should do everything for the dog so he could recognize you as the leader. If he gets confused, the dog takes leadership. The result: bratty dog.
  • And of course, I try to bring my dogs with me whenever I can. Better Dog also shared a few travel tips to make sure our dogs are as comfortable as we are while on the road.
    • Not all dogs can handle road trips, so it’s best to take a few practice runs before a major journey.
    • To avoid vomiting, don’t feed your dog 3 hours before travelling.
    • For long drives, make stops every 2 to 3 hours for potty.
    • Restrain dogs during car trips for their safety and yours. The Chevrolet Trailblazer’s spacious cargo area can accommodate a good-sized pet carrier. Never let a pet ride in front because it could be seriously injured or killed if an air bag deploys.
    • Never leave any pet alone in the car. On a warm, sunny day even with the windows open, a parked vehicle can become dangerously hot in no time and may result in a pet suffering from heatstroke. Furthermore, unattended pets can be stolen.
    • For dogs with anxiety issues or who bark a lot, try giving them chew treats to keep them occupied. Chewing and licking are very soothing to dogs and may help yours relax.
    • Identify dog-friendly restaurants, hotels and dog parks on your travel route.
    • Some people snacks – like chocolate – can be fatal to dogs. Make sure that your picnic basket or food stash is not accessible to your dog.
    • Bring a recent photo of your pet, in case you are accidentally separated from it. In addition, never let your dog leave the vehicle without a collar, ID tag and leash.

Chevrolet showed us how spacious the Trailblazer is. It can fit a pet carrier, at the same time, all their workout equipment.


A Golden Retriever can comfortably fit at the second row too. If you’re not putting your dog in a carrier, they suggest to put a seatbelt on for his safety. Dogs have a special seatbelt that you can attach to their harness.


Here are more photos of the Chevrolet Trailblazer to see how spacious it is. It’s definitely comfortable even if you’re travelling with your whole family and your dog.





During the Chevrolet Travel Tails event, Better Dog also entertained us with a few dog tricks.




Thank you to Chevrolet, Better Dog, and Nuffnang for a fun afternoon. I went home with a better understanding of my babies.


P.S. I’ll be sharing an update on Dolce’s condition and the treatments we tried to fight Distemper in a different post. I actually have high hopes that he will be able to survive. Please continue praying for him. Thank you.

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