This is what I wore for Valentine’s Day. I don’t really like wearing red on Valentine’s. I find it too bloody and mushy. LOL! But being a hopeless romantic, I still wanted to wear something sweet. I firmly believe Valentine’s day was made for the ladies. It’s one of those days of the year when ladies must be put on a pedestal. Hehe! 😀 Having this in mind, I wanted to look a bit lady-like that day, which is why I decided to wear this little blush dress. 😉

Oh, but first, let me share a short story. This dress used to be my sister’s. She got it about 15 years ago. I can still remember how much I adored this dress when mom bought it for her. I wished I could borrow it, but I was too young at that time. God knows how many times I tried it on when it was still new. But to my dismay, it was incredibly big on me. 🙁 Of course, my sister never knew that I’ve been trying her clothes on while she was at school. Haha! I know, this dress is nothing special. It’s plain. It’s simple. But for some reason, I fell in love with it the first time I saw it in my sister’s closet. Just imagine my joy when I found this dress again! I ransacked my closet back home last month and then, TA-DA! A treasure! LOL! 😀 Last Monday was the first time I wore this dress ever! 😀


Since I found the dress too simple and feminine, I tied a black long sash with a small bow around my waist. As mentioned in my previous post, black sash ain’t just for little girl’s party dress anymore. It’s now worn by celebrities and on the runways. The bow adds a touch of playfulness, while the color of the sash somehow tames down the feminineness of the little blush dress. 🙂


An oversized army jacket throws in some element of masculinity in the outfit. Mixing feminine pieces with masculine ones make a great contrast. It creates provocative and bold, yet sensual style. 😀

army-green-jacket girly-dress




* I wore socks in blush color, as well. It just looks white because of the flash.*



photos taken using Lumix LX5

Dress: from my sister
Army Jacket: Old Navy
Booties: New Look
Socks: H&M
Bag: Chanel 2.55 medium flap
Watch: Gucci
Bangle: New Look
Knot bracelet: from a bazaar
Studded leather bracelet: from a bazaar
Necklace: New Look
Black sash: from SM Department store