What’s in my beauty arsenal? I always get that question. But being a beauty blogger, I have so much beauty products in my bag and I constantly update it depending on what I need to try. Of course, I have my favorites and currently, these are some of the beauty products I’m using.


Skin care, brow products, concealer, powder, lippies, eyeliner, mascara, lash curler, and blush are only some of the beauty products I always bring wherever I go. But do you notice something new in my photo? Well, it’s the new Closeup Diamond Attraction and it’s now part of my beauty arsenal! For me, the beauty must that trumps all is a dazzling white smile. I don’t have the luxury of time to apply makeup everyday. There are also times that I just want to let my skin breathe and my smile is the only beauty accessory I can wear. Besides, having perfect skin or makeup won’t matter if you do not flash your pearly whites, right?

I know, I love to smile without teeth, but I think flashing my pearly whites makes my smile more genuine! Agree??? 😀


One fact about me though is that I’m a coffee drinker. One cup a day isn’t enough and I get really bad headache if I don’t have caffeine in my body by noon. It’s not good, I know. Another bad side of it is that coffee stains the teeth! Who would want to smile with yellowish teeth??? Teeth whitening through bleaching can be expensive and painful. Thank goodness, Closeup Diamond Attraction, co-created with cosmetic dentists, is now here!


Closeup Diamond Attraction uses the revolutionary Blue Light Technology. If you’re familiar with makeup correctors wherein a green corrector cancels out reddish marks or an orange corrector neutralizes the color of really dark undereyes, the blue covarine foam of Closeup Diamond Attraction works the same way. It coats the teeth and lessens the yellow tones. Cool, huh?! Therefore, Closeup Diamond Attraction can give visibly whiter teeth in one brush!


Along with its newest innovation, Closeup also launched its latest ambassador, Heart Evangelista, who believes that a smile is unlike any other beauty accessory. “I’m so glad to have Closeup Diamond Attraction in my beauty arsenal, because it highlights my smile. Nothing compliments your overall look better than a dazzling white smile, because it gives you that boost of confidence and it completes your total look,” she said.


Closeup Diamond Attraction is now available in all leading supermarkets.

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