One of my favorite online shops, Sheinside, has a lot of pretty sale items right now. If you’ve seen my OOTD: It’s Gotta Be White post, this is where I got the Blazer Dress I was wearing. A lot of the girls have been crushing on that dress ever since I posted it on my Instagram account (@lush_angel).

Anyway, I’ve been browsing Sheinside’s website again for several days now and I’m loving a lot of their stuff. What’s even better is most of them are on sale! Yay! It can be quite overwhelming when you check out their website since there are A LOT of choices! You might end up like me – spending the entire day shopping! I tried trimming down my picks and I’m sharing them with you below (also included their direct links below each photo for easier shopping).

Off The Shoulder Tops

I have a thing with off the shoulder tops. I find them sexy, without showing too much skin. They’re perfect for all body types too. If you’ve been avoiding sleeveless tops to hide your arms, off the shoulder blouse is a great alternative. Some off the shoulder tops show a small part of the shoulder, while the rest of the arm is covered (see rightmost phot below). And remember, the 70’s trend is back. Time to wear relaxed and carefree outfits!


1. Black Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Blouse

2. White Off Shoulder Strapless Blouse

3. White Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Blouse

Sheinside Skirts

These are only some the skirts I’m eyeing on. Haha! Hey, check out the velvet skirt with tassels on the left. Again, 70’s fashion trend is back! 😀


1. Khaki Tassel Velvet Skirt

2. Light Yellow Swan Print Midi Skirt

3. Black Tribal Print Tassel Bodycon Skirt

Sheinside Dresses

Modern hippies would probably love my choices below. I really wish to have them all!!!


1. White Long Sleeve Floral Print Dress

2. Black Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Loose Dress

3. Beige Off Shoulder Crochet Front Swing Dress

4. Beige V Neck Sleeveless Embroidered Dress

So, anything you like from my picks? As for me, I really want them all! Uh-oh! Time to shop while they are on sale! 😀

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