I grew up in a family who loves to travel. Since I was a kid, I always anticipate our yearly family trip. Traveling has then become my passion. I enjoy discovering new places, meeting new people, and learning new culture. But of course, with my journey, I should always have reliable travel companions, such as my luggage. My mom is a hoarder of luggages, I swear! One of my family’s trusted brands is Delsey because of its durability. But what happens when Delsey collaborates with Philippe Starck, a renowned French creator, designer and architect? Now, that’s Delsey Starcktrip!


Delsey Starcktrip is a new collection of luggage conceived on a single concept: intelligence in motion, which is perfectly aligned with Delsey’s mission to combine functionality and style. As you’ll see in the collection below, each piece is very intriguing, unique, and simple – less is definitely more.


They are all designed to be durable, timeless, and with discreet technology and are guaranteed for life by Delsey. The collection is a mix of design and Philippe Starck’s philosophy, utilizing the most advanced innovation, the best quality material and the highest standard of testing which only Delsey has the know-how to conduct. Although that technology is subtle to the naked eye, it defines adventurous travel, promising surprises as the traveller goes about their own personal adventures.

Nanotechnology is used to protect the bags and cases, inside and out, from dirt and bacteria; fabric screens also protect against data theft. In addition, anti-rain treatment of the surfaces ensures that your belongings are dry at all times.


As you can see, each piece has that subtle signature of simple mathematical signs that evoke growth and positivity. This design is recognized by insiders who are familiar with Philippe Starck’s work.

The collection includes unisex bags, for work, for formal trips or for casual weekend getaways.


Here are more photos of the Delsey Starcktrip collection:





Here are the trolleys:


The La Habanack Trolley Case is really love! It looks simple, yet very elegant. It comes in different sizes.


The inside is spacious and has compartments too.


Now, guess who went home with a duffle bag?! I can’t believe it! I actually won the raffle! Wohoo! I can’t wait to bring my own Delsey Starcktrip in my next travel!


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