I almost forgot to post about this outfit. Sorry!!! I wore this during the launch of Zalora Digital Pop-Up Store at Shangri-la, which you can read more about HERE.


Honestly, I’m not the type who would wear coordinates. It has never been my thing since I like to mix and match my clothes. I used to find it “old school”. Well, I’m never afraid to try new things, if you noticed, so here’s my first pair.


Surprisingly, I liked it! Oh no, does this really come with age?! Haha! FYI. I’m a year older today! Yup, I’m celebrating my birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! LOL! šŸ˜€ Well, if you haven’t noticed yet, matchy-matchy has been on trend for quite a while now. If you want to try it out and if you’re like me who isn’t really into matchy-matchy top and bottom, I suggest to go forĀ solid colors. You might be overwhelmed with loud prints just yet. But when you’re starting to like coordinates and feeling the convenience of not having to think your top and bottom pairings, then it’s time to try printed coordinates!


As you can see from this look, I chose to wear a solid color with textured fabric. The “embossed print” is subtle, which is perfect for first time wearers of coordinates. In fact, it looks like a romper! I also love how I can easily pair the top and the shorts with other pieces.





Anyway, I have to go! Time to celebrate my birthday! A year older and a year wiser! The past year was really an amazing one for me – so many opportunities came and grabbed, new countries and cultures explored, new friends I’ve met, continued love, care and support from readers, friends and family. I’d like to thank everyone and, of course, God, for making the past year a memorable one. I’m ready to conquer what lies ahead! šŸ˜€


Top: Zalora
Shorts: Zalora
Wedge: Zalora
Bag: Chanel GST
Bracelet: Balenciaga
Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

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