Living in a condominium can be challenging. Since I have a smaller space compared to my house, I have to be very picky on what to bring to my pad and what to leave at home. But no matter how often I segregate my things, they just keep on piling up. Obviously, I have to let go of a lot of stuff to give space for more important things. My only problem: the venue where I can sell them.


angela-nepomuceno-cosmopolitan I usually join bazaars and garage sales but I don’t always have the time and energy. Besides, I never got the chance to sell everything I need to, given the really small space in bazaars. I’ve always thought of trying online selling, but I’m not really sure how. Well, taking photos, pricing, and uploading can be quite simple. But it doesn’t stop there. When it comes to online selling, I’m very particular with security as a seller and a buyer.

I recently came across Shopee. It’s an online selling app for clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, gadgets, makeup, skincare, fragrance, toys, and a lot more. Anybody can buy and sell almost anything on this platform.

As a buyer, I find it easy to shop since products are well-organized. It can be a bit frustrating if an online shop doesn’t have those major categories. There’s also a “Search Shopee” space where I can just type the specific items I’m looking for. Yes, forget about long lines in malls or squeezing through bazaars.

On the other hand, as a seller, it’s a user-friendly platform. Just snap a picture of the product, fill in the product details and set the price, then, upload your listing and share it with friends. I was able to upload 10 items in 5 minutes versus manning my booth in a bazaar for more than 8 hours (set-up not included)!

But I know, most of us fear of being scammed. It’s one of my reasons why I’m hesitant to buy and sell online. It’s really good to know that Shopee is designed to protect both buyers and sellers. How? After placing your payment, Shopee will hold the amount securely first and inform the seller to ship the order. Payment will only be received by the seller once the buyer receives the order. This way, dishonest sellers will be eliminated and limit buyers who back out. Perfect, right?!

If you’re a newbie seller, you don’t have to worry since the app has a “Seller Assistant” feature. Through this dashboard, you can manage your listings easily. You can check order details too, such as unpaid items, orders to be shipped or currently shipping, and completed transactions. Following up with buyers is just a chat away too.

Best of all, it’s free. No listing fees and no commissions. It costs nothing to set up an account and sell items! This means, I can even lower the prices of my items since I don’t have to pay any booth rental.

I’ve already started selling my stuff here, so check them out at No need to brave the traffic! Buying and selling can now happen in just a few clicks. Happy shopping!

You can now download Shopee app on both Android and iOS! For instant updates from Shopee, follow them on Facebook (, Twitter ( and Instagram (@Shopee_PH).

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