Are you afraid to wear the same outfit again? Do you treat your clothes as if they are “disposable” pieces? Well, I don’t. In fact, if you’ve noticed my OOTDs here in the blog, I don’t mind using the same skirt, top, accessories, etc. over and over again, Fashion shouldn’t be expensive. For me, it’s all about getting the right pieces and how to put them together. If it’s a pricey item, I make sure I can use it a million times. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but I’m sure you get what I mean. If it’s something I would only wear once, then I wouldn’t buy it. But how can you repeat the same outfit, at the same time, make it look fresh?? Here are some tips!


One is to mix and match. If you’re using the same bottom, pair a different top (and vice-versa). But how can you mix and match a one piece clothing, like a romper or a dress? If you still remember this romper, I actually wore it in this post: The key is to layer! As you can see, I wore an oversized vest in this look.


Two. Speaking of mixing and matching, do the same for your accessories. Although I used the same bag and bracelet in my previous post, I changed my shoes and omitted the long necklace.


Three is styling. Aside from mixing and matching, styling can update the look in an instant. For example, a white long sleeves: tuck it in, tuck it out, roll up the sleeves, button it all the way up, popping the collar, etc. Different styling can make the look fresh.


Last but not the least is timing. If you’re seeing the same group, then maybe don’t wear exactly the same thing in two consecutive meet ups. Although keep in mind that classic pieces are forgivable, which is why it’s always best to invest on these. What are the classics? These are your white t-shirt, white long sleeves, black slacks, neutral pencil skirt, blue jeans, etc.


How about you? Do you wear the same outfit over and over again?


Vest: vintage
Romper: Eazy Fashion (
Sandals: Zalora
Bracelet: Balenciaga
Bag: Hermes Herbag

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