For today’s look, I’m sharing an all-white casual #OOTD. Here is a style inspiration for those days you just want to wear a pair of shorts, without looking “too casual”. I know, you know what I mean… Haha!


I normally go for different colors when pairing a top and a bottom. It was just one of those days when I thought going all-white would make my look less casual. I was trying to avoid the t-shirt – shorts combo since I planned to wear slip-ons. In short, I wanted a very comfortable weekend wear, minus the sloppy look. For such days, my tip is to wear a dressy top!


Go for a different cut. Go for details. In this look, I’m wearing an asymmetrical ruffled top, which instantly made the look less casual or even a bit dressy!

I finished off the look with a comfortable pair of slip-on sandals in tan leather. This pair is from The Body Shoe collection of Hush Puppies.


Slip-ons are my perfect bet on lounge and errands day. I like wearing them too when I walk to the gym.


Hush Puppies The Body Shoe collection focuses on sport-inspired style that’s designed to keep you moving in style and comfort. It is also crafted to help support an even distribution of weight. The Body Shoe is all about being flexible, lightweight, and comfortable. It is a perfect fit for your life on the go!


Most sandals with curved footbed are quite uncomfortable for me. It takes about a day or two before I get used to the footbed. In other words, there is that “break-in” period. Haha! When I first saw this style (Reo Aida) from The Body Shoe collection, I immediately fell in love with it – the color, the size of straps, and the overall look. I expected my feet would need a few days to adjust before I would find it comfortable. I was wrong! The first day I wore it, I did not feel any pain on my arches or heels – the usual spots where I feel the discomfort. Hooray! My only problem with it is the footbed’s fabric. It can feel a bit hot, especially when worn the entire day. Also, since it has light beige color, dirt can easily be seen. But at the end of the day, stylish and comfortable footwear wins!


How about you? What do you usually wear on casual days?


Top: Old Navy
Shorts: SM GTW
Sandals: Hush Puppies
Bag: Bao Bao Issey Miyake
Bracelet: Tory Burch

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