The Skinny Stick is one of the new products from Clinique. (For those who haven’t read, I already wrote a review on the Clinique Smart Custom-Repair in THIS LINK.) What makes Clinique Skinny Stick different from other eye pencils? Check out my Clinique Skinny Stick Review below.


Clinique Skinny Stick Product Information

Ultra-fine yet rich colour glides on smoothly to create natural-looking definition as close to the lashline as possible. A precise tip every time–no sharpening required. Ophthalmologist Tested. Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.


I love Clinique Skinny Stick because…

  • it is a retractable pencil. It does not require sharpening.
  • it is easy to draw a very thin line. Tight lining has never been this easy! I do not feel uncomfortable since the tip itself is very slim. No effort to draw a line.


  • it is perfect for travel – slim and very light.
  • it comes in various colors. I have with me the Slim Sable (dark brown), which looks great for everyday or natural look.
  • it is soft and creamy. It glides smoothly without tugging the skin.

I wish Clinique Skinny Stick…

  • does not have the tendency to smudge on oily lids.

Tips on Clinique Skinny Stick

  • To tight line, tilt head 10° back while looking into a mirror. This will help you see your lash line clearly. Starting at outer corner of eye, draw a line to the middle of the lashline. Repeat from inner corner of eye, connecting to the first line.
  • To enhance lashes and for a thicker line, position Skinny Stick on top of lashes and wiggle the pencil tip back and forth in between lashes to fill in gaps.
  • When using on the lower lash line, dab an eye shadow powder on top of the liner to avoid smudging.

Clinique Skinny Stick Verdict

I know not all ladies tightline their eyes. But do you know that it can actually make a HUGE difference? Eyes are bigger and more awake. The only problem: it’s uncomfortable to draw a line right under the lashes. In fact, I always have a hard time tightlining. I feel like I’m going to poke my eye anytime. When I tried Clinique Skinny Stick for the first time though, I was very surprised that I didn’t get that feeling at all. Tightlining has never been this easy that I can do it in just a few seconds. The only downside of this eye liner is that it smudges when I line on top of my lashes. At the end of the day, my liner feathers out. Note that I have very oily lids. This won’t stop me from purchasing another pen though. As long as I just use it close to the lash line or for tightlining, I don’t have any problems with it.


Clinique Skinny Stick in Slim Sable

The rightmost is just one stroke of the pen. Notice how pigmented and thin the line is.

Used on top of my lashes. Drawing a very thin line is very easy with Clinique Skinny Stick.

Clinique Skinny Stick is available in all Clinique counters.

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