Whenever my friends and readers ask for a recommendation of a really good skincare, especially if they want to step up their skincare game, I always tell them to go for Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (and Crème De La Mer, if budget permits). Well, the Advanced Night Repair Serum won’t be Estee Lauder’s No. 1 best selling product for nothing.

Do you know that our skin naturally repairs and renews itself at night? This is why you’ll always hear beauty gurus reminding you to sleep early and get a beauty rest. At Estee Lauder, they believe that skin cell damage is the primary cause of premature skin aging. Every night, Advanced Night Repair addresses the visible effects of damage caused by the environment and lack of sleep. The breakthrough ChronoluxCB technology present in Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II helps maximize skin’s natural nightly renewal process. Over time, it minimizes the look of every key sign of aging. And with that, I have to say, it really is a must-have in every night care ritual.


How to use Advanced Night Repair

But we all have different lifestyles. Estee Lauder shares with us how to use Advanced Night Repair depending on our night styles.

Night Style 1: If you’re energized in the evening

Late night outs can disrupt sleep and interrupt skin’s natural rhythm of repair. But with Advanced Night Repair, the only serum with ChronoluxCB that helps support skin’s natural resynchronization to encourage repair, you can stay up late and still look great.

Face facts: Whenever you finally get to bed, Advanced Night Repair gets to work, helping maximize skin’s natural nightly renewal process so skin looks younger, healthier, more radiant.

Try this: To stimulate your skin and your senses, tap on Advanced Night Repair with fingertips, moving from forehead down to temples. Continue tapping under the eyes, on cheeks and on chin. Repeat, moving from chin up to forehead.

Night Style 1: If you’re ready to relax

Skin never sleeps. It repairs. Maximize every second.

Face facts: Lack of sleep, stress and pollution can interrupt skin’s own rhythm of repair. You can relax knowing that Advanced Night Repair helps fight every key sign of aging. Lines and wrinkles look significantly reduced.

Try this: Before you go to sleep, take time for yourself with Heart Ritual. Warm Advanced Night Repair in hands and press into skin. Massage in two heart shapes: from center of forehead to chin, and from cheeks to chin.

Night Style 3: If you’re plugged in to technology

Face facts: You’ll appreciate the power of the advanced night technology ever.

Try this: The only technology in your bed should be the ChronoluxCB in Advanced Night Repair. The blue light from cell phones, tablets, computers and televisions interferes with your body’s release of melatonin, the hormone responsible for making you sleepy.

Estee Lauder’s Tried and Tested Ritual

Step 1: Use makeup remover and cleanse face.

Step 2: Microessence Treatment Lotion (PHP 4,750, 125ml)

Microessence Treatment Lotion strengthens skin’s foundation and balances your skin. It reduces skin’s imperfections. Skin is softer, supple, smoother and looks more even-toned. Fine dry lines are reduced.

To use: Pour a coin size amount onto your palm. Warm Microessence Treatment Lotion in your hands and press into your skin.

Step 3: Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex Serum II (PHP 5,500, 50ml)

To use: Warm Advanced Night Repair with your hands and press gently into your skin.

Step 4: Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum (PHP 4,150, 15ml)

The thin delicate skin around your eyes is often the first place to show visible signs of aging. Advanced Night Repair Eye features the same exclusive ChronoluxCB technology as the face serum.

To use: Tap 3 dots of serum gently around the upper and lower eye area.

So, are you ready to step up your skincare game?

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