As promised in my last Cambodia Travelogue post, I will be sharing our food trip. We spent our dinners and night outs at their famous Pub Street. All tuk tuk drivers know where this is for sure. Restaurants/Pubs are open until wee hours in the morning. Of course, they are also open for lunch, but since most of our days were spent visiting temples, we ate lunch in other local restaurants on the way.


There is also Night Market in Pub Street.



For me, Khmer cuisine (Cambodian cuisine) is actually similar to Thai food. Actually, most restaurants serve Thai food like Spring Rolls, Pad Thai, Tom Yum, etc. Just like most Asian dishes, rice is a staple.








The most famous Khmer dish that you should try is the Amok. It is a curry dish, but unlike Thai, Lao, and Malaysian Curry, Amok is not intended to be spicy. It’s more flavourful and fragrant. During this trip, I wasn’t fond of eating curry yet but surprisingly, I liked the taste of Amok.




Are you familiar with fish spa? You’ll see a lot of that in Pub Street and most of them have this sign… LOL!


Before I forget, getting a massage is a must! There are a lot of spas around Pub Street. I tell you, it is one of the best I’ve ever tried! Oh, did I mention I only paid USD $5?!

I’m down to my last Cambodia travel post, FINALLY! I’ll be sharing my itinerary, hotel, and tour guide next! For now, you can see my Cambodia travel series in these posts. Just click the links below:

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